It's a rare event that two governors get together to discuss agriculture much less dairy issues.

However, that is just what happened mid-June 2016 when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Jalisco, Mexico Governor Aristóteles Sandoval Diaz met to discuss dairy and other trade issues.

Simply said, dairy is important to both regions.

For Wisconsin, the state produces 14 percent of the U.S. milk supply and generates some $44 billion in economic activity. Likewise, Jalisco generates 20 percent of the milk flow for Mexico's 32 states.

The occasion for the meeting between the Wisconsin and Jalisco leaders was the revitalized CIGAL Dairy Trade Show held in Guadalajara . . . Mexico's second-largest city and the state capital of Jalisco. During the CIGAL event, the Wisconsin Pavilion featured 17 Badger State companies and education centers.

Governor Walker and Governor Sandoval want the respective dairy industries in their state to work more closely together. Increasing the closeness of the strong dairy regions was even discussed at the federal level with the Minister of Economy for Mexico.

To learn more about Governor Walker's direct thoughts about stronger ties between Wisconsin and Jalisco, two states officially tied together via a sister state relationship since 1991, watch the video on comments delivered by Walker on June 15.

This Hoard's Dairyman Intel article is part of an ongoing series that will highlight a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer (DATCP) trade mission to Jalisco, Mexico. That trade mission coincided with the CIGAL Dairy Trade Show held June 13 to 17, 2016. In all, 11 companies, two educational institutions, two Wisconsin state agencies, and one publication attended the event, along with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and DATCP Secretary Ben Brancel.

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July 18, 2016
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