Oct. 3 2016 12:19 AM

Updated interface drastically reduces calibration and custom ticket formatting time over previous generations and competing technology

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Fairbanks Scales, Inc., the worlds leader in weighing technology, announces the release of the latest generation of the FB6000 weighing instrument, featuring a new, dynamic web interface that enables rapid calibration and custom ticket formatting.
The latest generation of the FB6000 weighing instrument is the most functional and affordable instrument in its class, and is compatible with both analog and digital weighing technology. The FB6000 is ideal for all mid-range single truck scale applications including In/Out, Gross/Tare/Net, or Basic (one button) In/Out weighing.
In this recent update, the time-consuming front panel programming of the past has been replaced by an intuitive web interface, reducing time spent on calibration and custom ticket formatting to mere minutes. Custom ticket formats are created with simple drag and drop functionality. The interface automatically reformats for viewing compatibility across most mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. The interface can also be used to run reports and enter vehicle data.
In a typical truck scale environment where the instrument and scale are physically separated, the FB6000 web interface now enables end users to calibrate the scale system from a laptop or tablet on the same network. This saves time by eliminating the need to walk back and forth between the instrument and scale, during the calibration process.
In addition, the FB6000 features hassle-free, automatic or manual incorporation of traffic lights, and continuous Ethernet output is standard. The instrument features simple Remote Display connectivity using the dedicated, optically isolated 20mA output or any of three RS232C ports.
Learn more about the latest generation of the FB6000, in the brochure available online.