California lawmakers are idiots.

That’s my take after reading the article dated October 3, 2016, titled “Is California telling farmers to leave?” They have no understanding of business or agriculture. All they care about is pushing their liberal-minded environmentalist agendas.

They turn off the water to farmers.

They impose laws such as the ones in the article that will hurt business and agriculture.

They demand other states spend millions to retrofit power plants to run on something other than coal.

The only way to stop them from overregulating is to vote them out. Unfortunately, that won't happen until the people who continue to vote them in are “convinced” to stop voting them in. The best way to convince them is through their pocketbooks. But I'm not sure even that would convince them.

Businesses and agriculture affected by this overregulation need to leave California en masse. Taking with them their jobs and their tax base. Maybe then lawmakers and the people voting them in will get a clue that you can't keep regulating and making it too expensive to do business in California.

Since California refuses to build power plants, and depends on power generated in other states, those other states need to say “NO” to the demands from California that they spend millions to retrofit their power plants to use something other than coal. If they don't want coal-fired energy, turn off the switch and stop sending it to them.

Until business and agriculture, and surrounding states put their foot down and say enough is enough, it will just get worse. Something drastic needs to happen. Something drastic like every dairy moving out of California and every business hurt by overregulation moving out of California. Then turn off the power grid to California.

Robert Christensen, Richfield, Utah

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November 7, 2016

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