Thank you for pointing out, and standing up for the truth, in the survey from a Wisconsin-based association in your item “Of course dairy farmers are against trade.” It is sad that an organization (Wisconsin Farmers Union) in the home state of Wisconsin Governor W.D. Hoard, protector of truth and science and the founder of modern dairy if not agriculture, has now stooped to this — putting ideology and misinformation above science and facts. W.D. Hoard, dairy farmer, scientist, publisher, governor, helped bring solid science and facts to all of agriculture-standardized milk testing, ridding the entire U.S. dairy herd of tuberculosis, modern forage production, and dairy cattle genetic testing. Regardless of our various ideologies, politics, and philosophies, let us stick to the facts . . . they always win out eventually.

Thanks for pointing out to the readers this gross attempt at manipulation. Keep it up.

John McNamara, Professor Emeritus, Washington State University

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December 5, 2016
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