Erin Reynolds

There are new trends transforming food purchases. Those trends are being led by “millennials” who have surpassed the baby boomer generation in market clout. And dairy is positioned to do well in this new era.

“Fresh plus clean equals healthy. It’s clear that fresh and sustainable are leading food trends. In fact, clean ingredients have moved from a trend to the norm in many categories,” explained Erin Reynolds, who is marketing director for Evergreen Packaging.

“Clean and clear labeling is the new global standard,” Reynolds reiterated to those attending the Dairy Forum, which is the largest U.S. gathering of global dairy processors sponsored by the International Dairy Foods Association.

What does that look like in action?

“From our market research, 69 percent of millennials have changed what they buy in order to avoid artificial ingredients in foods and beverages,” said Reynolds at the Orlando, Fla., event.

When it comes specifically to beverages, Reynolds shared these three observations regarding grocery shopper goals for healthy beverages:

  • 63 percent seek a good source of calcium

  • 61 percent want lower or reduced sugar

  • 60 percent want a good source of antioxidants

“Overall, consumers want naturally functional beverages. In 2017, consumers are demanding beverages that work harder,” said Reynolds.

As this trend is taking place, bottled water is poised to pass carbonated soft drinks for the number one place in the beverage category. The question is how can dairy climb above water’s momentum?

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March 20, 2017
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