In placing this class of Holstein aged cows D-C-B-A, D uses her advantage in udder to place over the long-framed C. D is higher, wider, and fuller at the top of the rear udder with greater uniformity of width from the top to the bottom of the rear udder. D shows more dairy strength, as she is deeper and wider on the chest floor with more openness, spring, and arch to both fore and rear rib. I do grant that C shows less evidence of set to the hock.

It is this advantage in frame that easily places C over B. C is taller at the shoulder and has more stretch and length throughout. C is wider in the pins, allowing her tail head to sit more neatly between her pins, and she carries her legs with a straighter set to the hock. Also, C is higher at the top of the rear udder, and has a more correct teat size and shape. I do admit that B is more feminine through the rump and thigh.

It is B’s correctness that carries her over A. B blends more smoothly from neck to shoulder and in turn shoulder to body, being tighter in the elbow and fuller in the crops. B also stands on a more correct set of feet and legs with a deeper in the heel and stronger pastern. B also has a more youthful udder held higher above the hock. I do concede that A has shorter teats placed more squarely on the udder floor. However, A lacks the overall correctness of feet and legs and youthfulness of udder to merit a higher placing.

Kevin Ziemba

About the Judge . . .
Kevin Ziemba
Durham, NY.

Ziemba placed the HOLSTEINS. He serves as genetic and reproductive adviser for Select Sire Power and also coaches the Cornell University dairy cattle judging team. Along with his wife, Barb, and son, Mason, Ziemba owns Ziembarbway Genetics and Merchandising and has bred, owned, or developed All-American nominations in the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein, and Jersey breeds. Ziemba has judged throughout the U.S., Canada, and Japan. As a member of the 1994 Cornell University team that won the National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest, he was high individual and won reasons, too.

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