The world is filled with an almost endless variety of jobs. Not the tasks, but the professions people go into.

Television personality Mike Rowe introduced us to dirty jobs.

Most children imagine having a dream job. Some of us still do.

And U.S. News & World Report recently came out with its 100 Best Jobs rankings for 2018. (Spoiler alert: software developer is No. 1, the next 17 are all medical-related, and veterinarian at No. 30 is as close as agriculture gets to being on the list at all.)

But the list that intrigued me when I ran across it on MSN Money recently is “The 20 worst jobs to have if you’re over 40.”

It is not like I could have missed it, though, because the photo under the headline was of a dairy farmer — and there aren’t many of those these days who are under 40, are there?

Yes, dairy farmer is on the list. It is No. 4 in fact.

A company called Best Life put together the list after considering things like industry forecasts, job security, and a job’s impact on health and happiness. I’d love to know what objective metric was used to quantify happiness, or if anyone at Best Life grew up on a farm, but it’s their list after all.

Of dairy farmers the list said, “Here’s something that a dairy farmer almost never does: sit. And the care never stops. It’s like being the parent of a newborn, but the kid never grows up.”

Well they got that right.

In case you are wondering, other jobs on the “20 worst” list include trash collector, cab driver, prison guard, and journalist. Ouch.

Too bad I wasn’t warned about that 45 years ago.

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June 18, 2018
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