Join us on Wednesday, April 15, at 11 a.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT), as four leading dairy economists join forces to sort through the coronavirus pandemic and its upheaval on our dairy markets. The live broadcast will take place on Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream.

To bring clarity to the topic, panelists will focus on three crucial supply chain aspects:

  • Dairy farm economic impacts
  • Milk hauling and processing disruption
  • Dairy sales shifts in both retail and foodservice

Presenters will include the University of Wisconsin’s Mark Stephenson and Cornell University’s Andy Novakovic and Chris Wolf. The live, online YouTube meeting will be hosted by Corey Geiger, managing editor of Hoard’s Dairyman. This dynamic team of economists has been sharing insight on dairy markets for a combined 120 years.

The quick-hitting broadcast will be conversational in nature and is expected to run 30 minutes followed by audience questions.

An ongoing series through April and May
Given the speed of change, the economic foursome will gather Wednesdays throughout April and coverage could continue well into May. Again, you may access the broadcast via the link at the Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream page. Register for the event and receive a reminder with a link to the live broadcast.

Join us at each Wednesday at 12 p.m. EDT; 11 a.m. CDT; 10 a.m. MDT; and 9 a.m. PDT for these important business updates.

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April 8, 2020
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