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KuhlerZ, Core Body Cooling, announces the new Core Cool Series giving farmers the ability to take temperature out of the equation and prevent the damaging effects of heat stress. Every day will feel like a cool day for cows. The days of belt drive, single-speed fans roaring nosily and meagrely pushing hot air around barns is over. The Core Cool Series offers high-speed air and intelligent evaporative cooling controlled by the barn's temperature and humidity.

"We want to take temperature out of the equation." Said Martin von Taschitzki Founder and President of KuhlerZ. "We make every day feel like a cool day by maintaining core body temperature. Cow's love consistency, and they require it to maximize health and performance. KuhlerZ is a fully automated system that monitors the temperature and the humidity in the barn and adjusts itself accordingly."

The new Core Cool Series is available for early order now and delivery in early 2022. Having the system installed before the first warm days of spring will bring immediate benefits. According to the THI, the variable speed fan adjusts to give precisely the correct airspeed to maintain core body temperature. Days with 20° temperature swings will feel like consistent cool days. Then as the spring days turn to summer and the temperatures soar, the intelligent water cooling creates an imitation sweat that works to maintain core body temperature, much like sweating cools us.

Von Taschitzki said, "Imagine being able to take temperature out of the equation, being able to maintain production and reproduction throughout the summer months."

The Core Cool System puts the producer back in control of the temperature. Von Taschitzki adds, "The question every producer will be asking is, "How much more milk can I make?"

To learn more about the new Core Cool Series and the benefits of Core Body Cooling, contact or call 1-844-GET-KUHL.

About KuhlerZ, Core Body Cooling

Most producers struggle to find a way to deal with the devastating impact of heat stress on their operation. Founded in 2009, KuhlerZ, Core Body Cooling offers a fully automated solution that allows farmers to take temperature out of the equation and make every day feel like a cool day. Fantastic on-farm results with the CowKühlerZ series over the past ten years prove that providing cows with the consistently cool feeling they crave allows operations to maintain production and improve reproduction and cattle health. Please visit to learn more.