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John Deere announces updates to its 5 Series Utility Tractors, which include more options to make it easier for rural property owners, farmers, ranchers and fleet owners to match the right tractor to the many jobs they need that tractor to do day after day.

“Across the entire 5 Series lineup, customers now have more choices to find a tractor that meets their needs and budget, and to customize configurations to match the jobs they need to finish. If this is their first tractor, routine service and maintenance notifications provide customers with added confidence while being connected to their tractor via the TractorPlus™ App,” says Greg Christensen, marketing manager for John Deere.

For model year 2023, the three-cylinder versions of the 5E Series offer a new Premium Cab option, an engine that does not require an emission-related regen, larger tire options, an option for a true third function mid-valve for easier loader and grapple operation, and three new model numbers. Four models are offered in the 5E three-cylinder lineup and include the 5050E, available with an open operator station, and the 5060E, 5067E and 5075E, available in an open operator station, standard cab or premium cab.

The Premium Cab features a redesigned right-hand console for easy operation and includes electronic, quick raise/lower buttons that allow a single button push to raise or lower implements to preset depths. More operator comfort is provided with an adjustable air ride seat, factory-installed instructor seat, Bluetooth® radio, USB port and cab microphone for hands-free operation of mobile devices.

“These easy-to-use tractors are perfect for rural property owners who need to move soil, rocks, logs or snow, and have plenty of power for part-time farmers and ranchers who need to make hay, move bales, and feed cattle,” Christensen said. “Now, with additional choices for comfort and convenience, work efficiency improvements, and eliminating the need for the engine-regen process, the 5E helps get work done quickly, and lets customers get back to focusing on what matters most to them.”

John Deere is also making updates to the 5M Series Tractors. “We redefined what customers can expect from a utility tractor by adding integrated AutoTrac™ and more transmission options to the 5M in model year 2022,” Christensen said. “For model year 2023, we've taken those expectations to the next level by adding more horsepower and versatility.”

The engine from the larger 6M Utility Tractor will now be used in the four-cylinder versions of the 5M, and will bring five additional horsepower, with new model options, the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M and 5130M. The 5075M remains in the lineup for a three-cylinder, 74-horsepower option, available with either a cab or open station. High-crop and low-profile models will also receive a horsepower boost, and include the 5105MH, 5105ML, 5120ML and 5130ML.

Versatility of the 5M is enhanced with an available bar-axle option, giving customers the flexibility to adjust tire spacing up to 90 inches, allowing for less crop damage when baling wide windrows, and more stability when mowing on hillsides. Tire spacing also can be narrowed to match row spacing in row-crop applications. The bar axle also opens the option for adding duals for increased stability, less ground pressure and easier operation across rough terrain.

Three transmission options are available on the 5M Series. The field-proven PowrReverser™ transmission provides an easy to use, two-lever option to change ranges and gears, and is available on the 75- to 120-horsepower models. The PowrQuad™ PLUS and Powr8™ transmissions, available for the 95- to 130-horsepower models, offer an easy operator experience, and include a single shift lever that puts shifting range and speed at the operator’s fingertips without the need to use a foot clutch. All 5M transmissions continue to have a left-hand reverser for effortless changes in direction during a variety of applications.

Customer launch is June 7, with start of production in November 2022.