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Three new bulls have recently been launched through the Holstein Marketplace Sires program, managed by Holstein Services, Inc.

“These bulls exemplify the ideals of our program, creating a breeder-to-breeder market for genetics,” says Timothy Ziemba, Holstein Marketplace Sires Manager. “The goal of our program is to help Registered Holstein breeders market their genetics to fellow breeders and create a group of deep pedigreed bulls that fill everyone’s needs. Our new bulls offer the highest levels of genetics from contract-free high GTPI and NM$ bulls to the highest available Red PTAT bull from a world-renowned family.”

Holstein Marketplace Sires provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their genetics. The bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and the Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates the marketing and sales. Launched in January of 2019, this program provides a new choice of bulls offered by breeders for breeders.

New Releases:


NAVIGATOR is bred and owned by Blumenfeld Holsteins LLC in Hawley MN. Navigator ranks amongst the most elite available bulls in the breed at +2973 GTPI®, +1209 DWP$®, +1070 NM$ and +1092 CM$. Navigator is a health trait superstar with a Productive Live at +6.8, DPR at +1.0 and SCS at 2.61. Conventional and sexed semen are currently available.

“Navigator exemplifies what we breed for every day – huge components, extreme Productive Life, positive fertility, and great udders, besides one of the most important traits for today’s industry – moderate frames,” said Brian Waldner of Blumenfeld Holsteins.

Sired by Peak Rayshen-ET, Navigator is from a GP-82 Rome daughter and then backed by 12 generations of VG or EX dams straight from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family. Navigator’s pedigree includes seven cows in his maternal line with records exceeding 35,000 pounds of milk and 12 dams with over 1,000 pounds of fat. Navigator has a balanced proof with high components at 102 pounds of Fat and +0.27% Fat, Calving Ease at 2.1% and an Udder Composite at +1.16. To top it off, Navigator is also Beta Casein A2/A2!


FABIO is bred and owned by Sugar Creek Dairy in Elkhorn, WI. He is sired by Larcrest Captivating-ET out of a GP-81 (at 2-02) Challenger. The next dam is a VG-88 Granite with records over 30,000 pounds of milk and 4.7%F. Fabio’s third dam is a Denver daughter scored EX-91 2E with records over 40,000 pounds of milk and over 1,200 pounds of fat and protein. The fourth dam is an Excellent Mccutchen with over 212,000 pounds lifetime milk. All four of these cows are currently in the herd at Sugar Creek Dairy, with his dam just fresh this summer on her second lactation.

Fabio is a well-rounded bull with extreme production traits at +1388 Milk, +93 Fat (+0.13%) and +58 Protein. His GTPI sits at an notable +2874, NM$ of +832, DWP$ of 924 and he is also Beta CaseinA2/A2. Fabio boasts a PTAT of +1.59 and UDC at +1.35. His linear profile indicates he will sire daughters who are strong, deep and open cows, with slight slope to the rump and some set to the legs.

“The productive life of Fabio’s family is tremendous. It really doesn’t miss, and they’re high performing. They’re consistent and easy on the eyes. His pedigree is unique, and it fits my breeding strategy,” says Fabio’s breeder, Rick Adams. Fabio is a great representation of what the Adams breed for at Sugar Creek Dairy.


TANGO-RED is bred and owned by Golden Oaks Farm in Wauconda, IL. Tango-Red holds the title as the number 1 red and white Holstein bull in the U.S. for genomic PTA Type at a stunning +4.25 with an impressive Udder Composite at +3.08. Tango boasts linear traits of +5.15 for Rear Udder Height, +4.41 for Rear Udder Width and +4.12 for Fore Udder Attachment.

Tango-Red’s genomic numbers are not surprising when looking at his pedigree. He is an Altitude from a VG-86 Jordy daughter of the renowned Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang EX-94. Tang was Reserve All-American Red & White Senior 2-Year-Old in 2016 and All-American Red & White Senior 3-Year-Old in 2017. Behind Tang are four cows scored EX-92 3E, EX-91 2E, EX-93 3E and VG-87 followed by the household names of Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET EX-96 3E DOM and C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95 2E GMD DOM. We are thrilled to give Red and White Holstein enthusiasts an opportunity to add a bull like Tango-Red to their breeding programs!

“Tango is true to our breeding program with his breed-leading type numbers, combined with his style and physical makeup,” says Lucas Moser of Golden Oaks Farm. “We feel Tango can add a lot to the type side of a herd and has great potential to make future show heifers and cows.”

All bulls offered through Holstein Marketplace Sires are free of any haplotypes impacting fertility.

Purchasing semen from Holstein Marketplace Sires is simple. Order online or over the phone with your credit card and have semen shipped directly to your doorstep. Buy online by visiting, click the red “Buy Now” button, fill in number of units you would like to purchase, and check out using our secure online system. Orders may also be placed by calling customer service 800.952.5200 or contacting a Holstein Association USA regional sales representative.

Contact Holstein Marketplace Sires Manager Timothy Ziemba by email at or call 315-730-3312 for questions, further information, or bulls to consider for the program.