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by Jan Hulsen, Jack Rodenburg

The dairy producer with robotic milkers is more of a coach than a player. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the management skills and ability? Find out how in this new book by Cow Signals author Jan Hulsen, DVM, and Canadian facilities design expert Jack Rodenburg. In addition to preparation and barn design layouts, sections include the daily tasks; weekly and monthly chores; scheduling and process control this latter includes development of standard operating procedures, work and labor organization, healthy milking routine, as well as key numbers, cow information and communication you will need for success.

Contents include these topics and more:
1) The daily tasks--organizing your day effectively, inspection round, feed intake;

2) Weekly and monthly chores--develop protocols and systems; introducing heifers to robotic milking; cow flow and handling; attention to hygiene;

3) Know what is happening--scheduling and process control; work organization; monitoring at-risk groups; healthy milking routine; labor organization;

4) Preparation and design--labor efficiency; quality of work; considerations for barn and operations planning; barn layouts; starting a robotic dairy.

Book details:
52 pages
Softcover, perfect bound
Full color
ISBN: 978-90-8740-043-9
Copyright 2008