Quality milk begins with attention to detail.
Jan. 30 2019
The frequency and cause of clinical mastitis may differ considerably between dairy herds
Jan. 25 2019
The 2018 National Dairy Quality Award Platinum winners represent an exemplary group of dairy producers. Not only do these herds produce some of the nation’s highest-quality milk on a daily...
Jan. 21 2019
Richard is one of my nephews and is an engineer working for a company in Ireland. I was interested to hear about his job and what challenges he faces being the youngest engineer on site
Oct. 25 2018
Over the last few years, we have seen a number of farms that we work with start milking some or all of their herd four times a day (4x)
Aug. 25 2018
Unfortunately, Klebsiella mastitis has become more common in the U.S., and it can now be considered a widespread mastitis pathogen in the environment
July 15 2018
As the incidence of mastitis caused by contagious pathogens continues to drop, there has been a greater focus on environmental pathogens and their association with mastitis and milk quality
Feb. 25 2018
When it comes to milk quality, we are often found discussing “counts” or “values.”
Jan. 25 2018
very dairy has cows with chronic high somatic cell counts (SCC). My definition of a chronic high SCC cow is one that has a SCC of 400,000 or higher for two or more consecutive tests
Jan. 10 2018
Trying to successfully treat a case of clinical or subclinical mastitis with intramammary tubes can sometimes be a crapshoot, as cure rates are typically 50 percent or less
Feb. 25 2017
A lot of intramammary infections occur during the dry period even if we don’t see them as clinical mastitis. That situation quickly changes after calving when clinical mastitis reaches its pinn
Feb. 10 2017
Quality milk must be a total team effort. That means that dairy farm owners and managers must allow employees to openly share observations and thoughts to improve the milking process
Jan. 13 2017
The 2016 National Dairy Quality Award Platinum winners represent an exemplary group of dairy producers. Not only do these herds produce some of the nation’s highest quality milk on a daily basis
Dec. 15 2016
The authors are veterinarians with the Quality Milk Production Services, Ithaca, N.Y.Milking in a tie stall or stanchion barn is a dance. It takes a certain sense and finesse
May 25 2016
Every hour of the day counts; don't let time spent in the holding area become a detriment to cow health and comfort. A row of positive pressure ventilation tubes can evenly distribute airflow and enhance...
Oct. 10 2015
Maximize heifers' udder health. Bred heifers represent the future of the milking herd in all dairy operations, and it is critical that udder health be maximized to ensure that these young animals freshen...
July 11 2013
Want to share milking tips with Hispanic labor? We've translated "Perfecting your parlor dance" into Spanish. Visit www.hoards.com to see the article
May 25 2013
Generalmente creemos que el ordeño es una operación independiente del resto de la granja porque la rutina de ordeño empieza y termina en la sala, pero en realidad es un esfuerzo en...
May 25 2013
It usually takes two to tango in the parlor, but your routine begins and ends in the barn. Once the unit is on, check your alignment - it's one of the most neglected areas in milking. Whether you waltz,...
March 25 2012
Amy's bulk tank SCC (BTSCC) varied from 250,000 to 500,000 and occasionally would be over 600,000. With the allowed level being lowered to 400,000, she needs a management plan that prevents those worst...
Jan. 10 2011
Relentless attention to details sets these National Dairy Quality Award winners apart. They're on top of everything from fastidious stall care to meticulous milking and from frequent use of CMT paddles...