July 16 2014 09:11 AM

The Commercial Herd Award recognizes the top herd in the nation for Energy Corrected Milk.

The Commercial Herd Award recognizes the top herd in the nation for Energy Corrected Milk. The herd must complete over 50 lactations during the year. Hoard's Dairyman Farm completed 147 records in 2013 for an average of 21,619M 4.6% 995F 3.4% 737P for an energy corrected total of 25,593M.

Hoard's Dairyman Farm is owned by the Knox Family and the dairy herd manager is Jason Yurs, the 2008 recipient of the National Outstanding Young Guernsey Farmer award. For many years, Hoard's Dairyman Farm has been a huge asset to the Guernsey breed through their promotion of the breed and exposure that the Guernseys receive through various tours, seminars and other events hosted by the farm. Also a huge plus is the exposure the breed receives through the Hoard's Dairyman magazine in homes throughout the world.

Commercial Herd Award recipient

Pictured l-r: Rachel Nance; Jason Yurs, herdsman for Hoard's Dairyman Farm; Bethany Trotter - Commercial Herd Award and Tarbell & California protein award.

Tarbell Trophy (Highest 305 day fat record for year) and
California Protein Award (high protein record):

The Tarbell Trophy recognizes the highest 305 day fat record, while the California Protein Award recognizes the highest protein 305 day record. The Tarbell Trophy was established in 1948 in memory of Gage Tarbell, the founder of Tarbell Guernsey Farm, Smithville Flats, New York. The California Protein Award is sponsored by the California Guernsey Cattle Club. This year, one cow has garnered both awards for the owner, Hoard's Dairyman Farm in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl, the number one Component Queen in the breed has a completed 305 day 3X record of 32,810M 5.5% 1,811F 3.6% 1,197P at 5-05. She completed a 365 day record of 36,660M 5.5% 2,009F*3.7% 1,345P*. A multiple class leader in protein, this Excellent Dairyman Banger Iceman daughter has over 120,000M lifetime. She calved for the fifth time this past October and is projected over 25,000M 1,114F and 904P at 6-08. Her Legend son is headed to Genex this fall. Rosebowl's dam is sired by Jens Gold Fort Hudson and has records to 27,800M 1,355F and 1,022P. The Very Good grandam has over 100,000M lifetime.

Currently the farm is home to approximately 250 milking Guernseys. One of the factors Jason credits to the steady increase in production is calving heifers at a young age. The average age at first calving in the herd is 23.2 months, with many of the heifers calving at 1-08 and 1-09. They also aggressively utilize young sires. Currently 60% of the milking herd is bred to young sires.

Additional awards that Hoard's has garnered over this year are 28 Component Queens in the top 100 list, three living lifetime cows in the top 10 production lists and overall number 2 in the breed for milk and protein production, number 4 for butterfat and in the top 30 herds for CPI.