For the second year in a row, the team from Maryland took home the prestigious First Place trophy for the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest. Team members included Kaitlyn Corbett, Hannah Hood, Jessica Sentelle, and Jason Zimmerman. They were coached by Jeff Semler and Kiera Finucane. That team also won reasons for a record 15th time. The award for High Reasons Team is presented in honor of the late Lee Majeske, longtime Maryland 4-H coach.

L to R: Jeff Semler, Coach; Jessica Sentelle; Kaitlyn Corbett; Hannah Hood;
Jason Zimmerman; Kiera Finucane, Coach

Winning the contest individually was Bethany Dado from Wisconsin. In the reasons competition, Derek Wasson of Pennsylvania took home the award for top talker. Below you will find further results from the contest.

Bethany Dado, Wisconsin

Overall- Individual 10. Derek Wasson, Pennsylvania 9. Fallon Currin, Florida 8. Hannah Sayre, Virginia 7. Hannah Hood, Maryland 6. Mathew Mann, Michigan 5. Jessica Sentelle, Maryland 4. Caitlin Corbett, Maryland 3. David Hardesty, Jr., Virginia 2. Aaron Thesing, Minnesota 1. Bethany Dado, Wisconsin

Overall- Teams 10. Georgia 4-H 9. Washington 4-H 8. Wisconsin 4-H 7. Florida 4-H 6. Pennsylvania 4-H 5. Illinois 4-H 4. Minnesota 4-H 3. Virginia 4-H 2. Michigan 4-H 1. Maryland 4-H

Reasons- Individual 10. Aaron Thesing, Minnesota 9. Jacob Pomkowski, New York 8. Lauren Nell, Pensylvania 7. Matthew Mann, Michigan 6. Jason Zimmerman, Maryland 5. JW Hart, Michigan 4. Kaitlyn Corbett, Maryland 3. Bethany Dado, Wisconsin 2. Jessica Sentelle, Maryland 1. Derek Wasson, Pennsylvania

Reasons- Teams 5. Pennsylvania 4-H 4. Virginia 4-H 3. Wisconsin 4-H 2. Michigan 4-H 1. Maryland 4-H