Nov. 9 2023 02:14 PM

A team at Dairy Management Inc. studies food trends and works with social media influencers and agencies with culinary expertise to keep dairy top of mind with a diverse consumer audience.

Grandma’s cookbook may be a relic, but recipes live on across generations. About 88% of consumers say they use recipes, according to those surveyed for the 2023 State of Online Recipes Report.

The report reveals two other points of interest that shows instead of flipping through pages of a thick book, consumers today are clicking through e-pages in search of the next great dish. The survey found that 80% say online recipes have inspired them to cook a new meal, and 75% say they have been encouraged to purchase an ingredient or product they had not previously bought.

This is why the dairy checkoff has an in-depth online recipe strategy.

Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) has a team that studies food trends and works with social media influencers and agencies with culinary expertise to keep dairy top of mind with a diverse consumer audience, particularly those in the Gen Z age range.

These consumers, as well as Millennial parents of young children, are seeking affordable benefits dairy delivers related to immunity, calmness, energy and digestive health. We learn through their online searches that they want to know, for example, if Greek yogurt can be part of a low-lactose diet or how much protein a glass of milk contains.

The dairy checkoff has a lot of information on cooking, including some twists on dairy classics. One of the more popular recipes we’ve unveiled is Cottage Cheese and Fruit Blender Ice Cream. Younger consumers are seeking foods with protein benefits, and this one hit the spot.

Another out-of-the-box success is our Taiwanese-inspired Strawberry Cheese Foam Boba Tea, which features a layer of cheese on top, in addition to milk and heavy cream. I will also say that the Dirty Martini Pasta With Blue Cheese is a must try for your dinner planning!

Our team unveils two or more new dairy-centric recipes a month, with a strong push around holidays. A little Thanksgiving teaser for you to watch for is pumpkin cheesecake lasagna!

In addition to recipes, we produce “hacks,” or creative tips people may not have previously thought about, such as dipping blueberries in yogurt and then freezing them. We also offer moments of indulgence, including a video of a gooey cookie slowly being pulled apart and dunked in a glass of milk.

Our strategy includes paid promotion of these efforts with Google, Amazon, and TikTok. Incorporating a paid strategy helps assure our creations have a better chance of showing up at the top of our target audience’s online searches. Conventional wisdom says if people are searching on Google or Amazon, they’re signaling an intention to purchase, and we want to be front and center with our dairy inspirations.

Another exciting aspect is working with known social media influencers, such as Chef Scotty Scott. He is a Texas-based recipe developer and food blogger who has worked with the Dairy MAX checkoff team and DMI in creating recipes. Our work with him includes engagement with the National Medical Association as we enhance our outreach with Black American health professionals to showcase dairy’s culinary excellence. Check out these Chef Scotty Scott-inspired recipes in time for Thanksgiving:

The checkoff has plenty to serve up to an audience of consumers seeking dairy’s deliciousness, versatility, and health and wellness attributes. Be sure to check out our Undeniably Dairy channels at Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok and see what’s on the menu so you can share these dishes and more with your social media followers!

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Don Schindler

The author is a Senior Vice President of Digital Initiatives at Dairy Management Inc.