Oct. 11 2011 06:15 AM

A number of young Guernsey bulls, without official proofs, have daughters classified.

The Hoard Farm team headed up by Jason Yurs continues to be pleased with the performance of young sires' daughters. On October 20, a number of young bulls had daughters either scored for the first time . . . or very early in the evaluation process.

Oak Knob Maxie Laredo, a Dairy Belt bull with five scored daughters in his proof, saw that number double on October 20 when five daughters scored 84, 84, 82, 80, and 74, respectively. Daughters of this Marfred Maxie son had udder scores ranging from 84 to 74 and feet and legs scores from 87 to 78. Shown in the photo are the three highest scoring daughters from this bull eating at the headlocks.

Our first three American Pie daughters now have classification scores, as well. Leading the pack is Dairyman AP Drempt score VG-84 with a VG-85 udder. She is shown in the photo. Some of you may recall that American Pie's dam, Indian Acres MM Pistachio Pie, was the 2007 Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo. The other two AP's, a set of twins, scored 83 and 81.

Other young sires with daughters receiving scores included: Lang Haven Spider Nomar, four daughters that averaged 77.75; Golden J Skipper Gary, two daughters, 79.5; Flameau Manor C Lexus, two daughters 78.5; Dairyman Royalty Lombardi, one daughter, 78; and Spring Walk Sherberts Mint, one daughter, 82 points.

After reviewing the data, the Hoard Farm ended up with:
• 14 Excellent (90 points and higher)
• 143 Very Goods (80 to 89 points)
• 74 Desirable (70 to 79 points)
• 3 Acceptable (60 to 69 points)

The 234 Guernseys averaged 81.68 points, compared to 81.31 six months earlier. The udders averaged 81.81 compared to the previous 80.66 average. Meanwhile, feet and legs held steady at 81.7 compared to the last appraisal's 81.86 average. The milking herd averages 2.34 lactations, down from April's 2.64. Classification scores by age group are:
• 110 first-lactation cows: 78.92 final score, 79.5 udder, 80.15 feet and legs
• 53 second-lactation cows: 82.32 final score, 82.4 udder, 81.83 feet and legs
• 33 third-lactation cows: 85.02 final score, 85.18 udder, 83.27 feet and legs
• 36 fourth-lactation and greater cows: 86.25 final score, 85.33 udder, 85.15 feet and legs

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