April 9 2012 09:56 AM

Top 50 genomic Holstein bulls are all over 792 Net Merit.

Genomics is accelerating the pace of genetic change. In the Holstein breed, it took a Net Merit (NM$) score of 792 to make the top 50 list among nonprogeny proven young bulls. A short eight months ago, the last bull on the top 50 genomic list was 750 NM$. That is a 42-point shift. When looking back to last April, bulls on the top 50 genomic list range from 936 to 726 compared to 991 to 792 this month. As one would expect, the top-end of the list also pushed upward with five bulls above 890 NM$. Topping the genomic list was 7HO11351 Supersire, $9 short of $1,000 NM$.

In the Jersey breed, there is a similar story. We list the top 25 genomic bulls and it took a 590 to make the list, while in August it was 548 NM$. That is a 42-point shift. What is different is the top-end of young bulls did not move as much when compared to the Holstein breed.

Among the proven Holstein bulls, there wasn't much change on the top-end. In Holsteins, Freddie, the top bull, still ranks first as he moved up 23 NM$. Among the top 100 progeny-proven bulls it took a 500 NM$ to make the list which is 9 points higher than December. The Jerseys had the same situation among the progeny proven bulls with Zuma as he still tops the list but moved up 78 points. Among the top 50 progeny proven Jerseys, it took a 357 $NM to make the list which is 11 points higher than December.

Hoard's Dairyman bull list features all seven breeds. In the Holsteins, the top 100 bulls for Net Merit are listed. All bulls must be in the top 40 percentile for Net Merit (cutoff is 379 NM$) to be listed in the top lists for Fluid Merit, Cheese Merit, udders, feet and legs, productive life, somatic cell score, pregnancy rate, conception rate, and sire calving ease. That $379 NM$ cutoff is 47 points higher than December. The largest change to date.

As mentioned earlier, we also have a top 50 ranking for actively marketed Holstein young sires with genomic tests. We compiled a similar list for the top 25 Jerseys. This is a logical addition to the bull list as more breeders are using genomic young bulls. We published the progeny tested and genomic lists side by side so breeders can make direct comparisons. Bulls with genomic-only evaluations are not eligible for other trait lists.

In the Jersey breed, we also ranked the top 25 JPI (Jersey Performance Index) bulls. In the Brown Swiss, we ranked bulls on PPR (The Progressive Performance Ranking) since the breed is no longer ranking bulls on Net Merit. If you would like more information on that decision, check the August 10, 2010, issue on page 515.

In the Red and Whites, we listed the top 10 Red bulls and the top 10 Red Carrier bulls by Net Merit. We made similar top 10 lists for the Guernseys and Ayrshires. The top 5 Milking Shorthorns are ranked by Net Merit, also.

Click here to download the April 2012 Bull List.