Oct. 2 2012 11:14 AM

All four Penn State team members earn All-American Honors.

Dustin Gates, Rebecca Shaw, Ariel Taxdal, Isaac Haagen and coach Dale Olver

The Penn State Dairy Cattle Judging team entered the National Collegiate Judging contest awards banquet earlier this morning without comparing placings or discussing how the classes went. Their surprise as members of the team were repeatedly called forward to receive awards, made victory even more exciting. The final announcement of the banquet honored Penn State as the first place team with 2,539 points. The Penn State team includes Dustin Gates, Isaac Haagen, and Rebecca Shaw and is coached by Dale Olver. The University of Wisconsin-Madison followed in second place with 2,526 points.

Hayden HauschildtThe top individuals in reasons included Hayden Hauschildt of University of Wisconsin-Madison in first place with a total score of 282 out of 300. Isaac Haagen of Penn State followed in second place. Finally Stephen Gould of Cornell, David Hansen of the University of Minnesota, and Jessica Sentelle of Virginia Tech took third, fourth, and fifth place respectively.

Isaac Haagen of Penn State took first place individual overall with 859 points out of 900 possible. Following Haagen were Hayden Hauschildt of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ariel Taxdal of Penn State, Jayne Esch of the University of Minnesota, Abbey Wethal of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jacob Brey of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Katie Adams of Iowa State University, Chanse Huggins of University of Florida, and Rebecca Shaw of Penn State. Jessica Sentelle of Virginia Tech rounded out the top ten.

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