May 23 2013 11:36 AM

University of Kentucky student to spend three months in Fort Atkinson.

Makenzie Waymeyer feeding Jersey calf

While the Hoard's Dairyman editorial internship program is celebrating its 25th year in 2013, there is another internship we offer. Just down the road one mile, you will find Makenzie Waymeyer, the fourth Hoard's Dairyman Farm intern.

Last fall, she visited the Hoard's Dairyman Farm when she participated in the collegiate dairy judging practice prior to World Dairy Expo. Makenzie inquired about an internship and spoke with Jason Yurs, the farm manager. She submitted a resume and cover letter once she returned to Kentucky. While the farm does not always have an intern each year, the program is available to enthusiastic college students interested in working on a modern dairy operation.

Starting early May, Makenzie has been taking part in many aspects of the farm. Her main focus is the transition barn where she monitors for fresh cows and cares for newborn calves. All newborns are given pasteurized colostrum. After a week, all calves are then moved to a heifer raising facility 20 minutes away. However, weekly visits are made to the Elkhorn location.

Makenzie is involved with Monday vet checks and weekly hoof trimming sessions, as well as treating cows in the hospital string. She has been enrolling young stock and entering management data in the herd's Dairy Comp 305 program. Alpro, the dairy's activity monitoring and milk recording software, is also used by Makenzie in her farm duties.

Makenzie Waymeyer She is majoring in career and technical education at the University of Kentucky, which is the educational path to becoming a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. She will hone her teaching skills when she assists county youth who exhibit Hoard's Dairyman Farm cattle at the Jefferson County Fair in July.

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