March 14 2024
Antibiotics are a valuable tool for animal and human medicine
Dec. 23 2021
When it comes to dairy, all involved are doing their part to ensure milk meets the highest safety standard and that antibiotic resistance is held at bay.How do we know that’s true?
Dec. 2 2021
If you could cut your antibiotic use by more than half without affecting your herd’s health, would you?You’re probably saying yes while thinking that sounds too good to be true
Sept. 27 2021
When used appropriately, antibiotics play a major role in restoring the health of cows, calves, and heifers on dairy farms
May 3 2021
Just as in human medicine, antibiotics can serve as a useful treatment tool when a dairy animal becomes sick
Feb. 18 2021
Antibiotic usage and antibiotic resistance are two topics that continue to generate concern throughout the world’s food and medical communities
Feb. 15 2021
A tanker load of milk that comes up positive for antibiotic residue is a nightmare that every dairy farm takes steps to prevent
June 29 2020
The United States dairy industry has made great improvement in recent years in reducing antibiotic residues. In the past quarter century, the sector’s hard work has allowed it to cut milk truck residues...
Jan. 6 2020
When it comes to positive tanker loads of milk for antibiotic residues, dairy farmers collectively reached a new threshold for quality control
June 10 2019
There’s a developing story on the livestock front . . . from 2015 to 2017, antibiotic sales for livestock dropped by 29 percent
Dec. 31 2018
It has been another year in which consumer wants and needs are changing the way animals are raised and foods are marketed
April 16 2018
The raised without antibiotics (RWA) program has gained steam in consumer circles
Feb. 19 2018
When it comes to positive tank loads of milk for antibiotic residues, dairy farmers matched the previous year’s historic accomplishment
Jan. 1 2018
Worried citizens have been calling for a reduction in the use of antibiotics to treat food-producing animals, and it seems that farms are quietly responding
Dec. 5 2017
Two surgeries. Two hospitalizations. Four different antibiotics. I’m still praying that this fourth antibiotic does what it’s supposed to