May 27 2024
Introduced in 2000, automated milking systems (AMS) have seen more presence in the dairy industry as we have become more technologically advanced
May 23 2024
Ration formulation is an important part of finding success in a robotic milking system
May 19 2023
Possibly the biggest thief of resting time for dairy cows is waiting to be milked
May 18 2023
Automated milking systems are a substantial investment, but in return, many benefits can be gained from this style of dairy herd management
May 15 2023
Benefits of robotic milking systems often include lower labor needs, calmer cows, and greater milking frequency and yield
May 10 2023
When we started milking in our robotic milking facility, we were fetching cows that hadn’t come up to milk on their own seven to eight times per day
Oct. 31 2022
It can be so easy to get wrapped up caring for the “problem cows,” but our average animals also deserve attention and some true appreciation
Sept. 30 2022
When it comes to milk quality, there are details I can see now that I couldn’t before we had our voluntary milking system
Sept. 16 2022
Milking in both our parlor and with the robots provided some benefits, but certain costs recently led us back to milking exclusively with one system
July 21 2022
Many factors contribute to positive results when managing cows in an automated milking system
April 18 2022
With tight labor markets and constantly improving technology, there has been an exponential adoption of automated milking systems (AMS) throughout North America
April 13 2022
The advancements in dairying the past few decades have been impressive, and with technology, the changes will keep coming faster
Nov. 24 2021
“We don’t have robot cows and nonrobot cows,” Cornell’s Paul Virkler said as way of introducing his comments during the November 17 Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream. “Cows...
March 8 2021
While automated milking systems sound appealing in many aspects, it takes careful consideration to determine if robotics are the right fit for a dairy
Jan. 28 2021
It can be difficult to let a building sit idle that has plenty of useful life yet. For farms looking to make the switch to robotic milking, a barn retrofit might be possible, but a few questions must...
Oct. 27 2020
We have been blessed with gorgeous fall weather in Oregon the last couple of weeks
Oct. 22 2020
“We have to ask for practical use, is it helpful? Does the farmer know more after consulting the system than he or she did before? Of course, we want perfect sensor systems, but we have to use the...
Oct. 1 2020
As many of you know, we switched to a robotic milking system last November. When we made the change, we had a pretty good idea of how things would go initially
Sept. 21 2020
Automatic milking systems continue to grow in popularity as they provide benefits in improved cow health and more behavioral freedom, detailed Trevor DeVries of the University of Guelph
Aug. 17 2020
The number of daily visits a cow makes to an automated milking system has a notable impact on overall milk production