Dec. 13 2023
The United States and Canada are big trading partners, in agriculture and beyond, and this is a relationship that benefits both countries. For U.S. dairy products, however, the path into Canada is not...
July 24 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February has had widespread influence on the global agricultural community, stretching from fertilizer shortages and export restrictions that caused higher food...
April 24 2023
The United Nations expects India to surpass China as the most populous country on the planet by mid-2023
March 10 2023
Sports and the dairy industry go well together. Both require a dedicated work ethic and a commitment to something greater than yourself — for an athlete, that’s their team, and for a farmer,...
Feb. 6 2023
Traveling and learning about global agriculture helps me to be a stronger agricultural advocate
Nov. 2 2022
In one summer, my brother went from farmer to rocket scientist
March 21 2022
Climbing prices on both sides of the food system show us how much our farms depend on others here and abroad
March 11 2022
U.S. Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre grew up on a dairy farm and now uses her sport to promote the industry and its products
March 2 2022
Rather than asking someone what they do for work, consider asking what inspires them to do your job every day instead
March 1 2022
The Ukraine invasion will have effects on farmers in that part of the world and beyond
Feb. 8 2022
They may not be glamorous, but we can share what we love about our roles in agriculture to attract others
Jan. 26 2022
Here’s a short account of what depression really feels like so you can better support those around you
Jan. 7 2022
So far this winter, I’ve been donning a cozy knitted headband and the messiest of buns daily. Luckily for my ego, my main companions (our cows) seem to experience their own horrid hair days as well
Dec. 15 2021
Life isn’t always simple and perfect, but that’s what makes it valuable
Dec. 14 2021
Once the unquestioned juggernaut in the American dairy case, the Kraft brand shed a lion’s share of its market position when it sold off its natural and specialty cheese businesses
Dec. 3 2021
My study abroad to Costa Rica showed me how agriculture in another country can differ but still be just as efficient or even more so
Nov. 30 2021
Backlogged shipping means we have more reason than ever to support local farmers and businesses
Nov. 26 2021
When you farm full time, having a buddy that doubles as entertainment is a must. I’m an animal lover to the core, and farm dogs have a special place in my heart
Nov. 2 2021
On or off the farm, women make valuable contributions to agriculture
Oct. 12 2021
A new perspective can be one of gratitude