July 13 2020
Farmers do what they do because they love the job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult
Nov. 4 2019
Milk production across the major exporters was up 1.6 percent from last year this August, after adjusting for components, according to the latest data compiled
Sept. 9 2019
As dairy farmers in Australia continue to battle with hot weather and drought conditions, milk production has taken a hit
Aug. 19 2019
Whey isn’t the only dairy-related U.S. agricultural product being battered by the trade war between the U.S. and China
Aug. 5 2019
The auction yard has long been a gathering place for those in production agriculture. Other than an obvious location to sell their livestock, it served as a meeting place for farmers
July 5 2019
Even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Chemicals Agency have declared that glyphosate
Feb. 4 2019
Ballot initiatives are not only commonplace in states such as California, but in countries like Switzerland, too
Dec. 6 2018
Via trains, planes, and automobiles, I recently made my way from East Moline, Ill., to Germany
Aug. 20 2018
“Brazil can double its cropland easily without cutting a tree,” said Texas A&M professor and extension economist Luis Ribera
July 3 2018
Last night Hoard’s Dairyman had the unique opportunity to host attendees from the International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm
Feb. 19 2018
An abnormally high number of twin calves born on Dutch dairy farms last year triggered a closer inspection by authorities