Dec. 3 2021
My study abroad to Costa Rica showed me how agriculture in another country can differ but still be just as efficient or even more so
Nov. 30 2021
Backlogged shipping means we have more reason than ever to support local farmers and businesses
Nov. 26 2021
When you farm full time, having a buddy that doubles as entertainment is a must. I’m an animal lover to the core, and farm dogs have a special place in my heart
Nov. 2 2021
On or off the farm, women make valuable contributions to agriculture
Oct. 12 2021
A new perspective can be one of gratitude
Oct. 6 2021
Though we may run different kinds or sizes of farms, all farmers share the same interest and passion
Sept. 15 2021
Sometimes looking at life from a different angle can totally change your perspective
Sept. 9 2021
Outside vendors can add a bit of excitement and encourage visitors to experience dairy production on your farm
Sept. 8 2021
Sharing when we’re struggling with life can be difficult, but not sharing can be worse
Sept. 3 2021
While I was working on chores in our robot barn the other morning, I watched as the sun began to wake up, slowly transforming the sky from a star-speckled deep denim blue to a magnificent display
Aug. 31 2021
Extracurricular activities from fairs to the football field help our kids explore their interests
Aug. 24 2021
This year’s Dane County Breakfast on the Farm treated visitors to a modern view of dairy farming
Aug. 19 2021
Family members and employees, past and present, have helped shape our dairy farm
May 17 2021
When added together across the globe, 99 percent of the world’s milk hails from 123 countries
July 13 2020
Farmers do what they do because they love the job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult
Nov. 4 2019
Milk production across the major exporters was up 1.6 percent from last year this August, after adjusting for components, according to the latest data compiled
Sept. 9 2019
As dairy farmers in Australia continue to battle with hot weather and drought conditions, milk production has taken a hit
Aug. 19 2019
Whey isn’t the only dairy-related U.S. agricultural product being battered by the trade war between the U.S. and China
Aug. 5 2019
The auction yard has long been a gathering place for those in production agriculture. Other than an obvious location to sell their livestock, it served as a meeting place for farmers
July 5 2019
Even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Chemicals Agency have declared that glyphosate