Frank Regan and Bob Miller in a WHA breeder panel

Bob Miller and Frank Regan are among the most respected people among dairy cattle breeders. Both purchased franchise cows early in their careers, transformed the Holstein breed and became household names around the globe. For Miller it was Roxy, and for Regan it was Dellia.

In later years, both Miller and Regan were honored by National Dairy Shrine as the Distinguished Cattle Breeder, and a few years later, Holstein Association USA did the same by bestowing its Elite Breeder Award to Miller's Mil-R-Mor Farm and Regan's Regancrest Holsteins.

Recently, I had an opportunity to moderate a panel at the Wisconsin Holstein Association annual meeting in which Bob and Frank commented on the vision for their breeding programs.

In this first of a five-part series, you can listen to the audio files of Bob and Frank as they discuss the following question: "Let's wind the clock back. Bob and Frank, you are both 25 years old. But, you still have all the knowledge you have gleaned until this point of your life. How would you go about building a new herd from scratch?"

By clicking on the link, you can listen to Bob and Frank's two-minute response.

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