I place this class of Jerseys A-C-D-B. A comes to the top in a close placing over C. I give a slight advantage to A in having more height of rear udder and her rear udder also has a nicer shape to it when viewed from the side. I also give A a slight advantage of being more open in her rib along with having more spring to her rib. A is also more desirable through her rump, particularly in her tail setting when viewed from behind. I do admire the overall style and the silkiness of C which keeps this a close placing.

Next, I place C over D, giving C a definite advantage in her mammary system. C shows more height and width of rear udder and more definition of center ligament than D. C shows more balance of udder when viewed from behind. I will admit that both C and D are very similar in frame, both showing extreme length and quality throughout.

The overall style, balance, and blending of parts gives D a definite advantage over B. D also has a more desirable shape to her udder along with it being more snuggly attached in both fore and rear. D is also more desirable through the rump and blends in better behind the shoulders and through the crop region. I place B fourth in the class as I would like to see more height of rear udder. B does show more width and dairy strength.

About the Judge . . .
Andrew Vander Meulen

Andrew Vander Meulen
Brighton, Ontario, Canada

Vander Meulen placed the JERSEYS. Andrew is a co-owner of Avonlea Genetics Inc., a third-generation business featuring a Jersey herd that has garnered 234 All Canadian nominations resulting in 48 All Canadians, 35 Reserve, and 34 honorable mentions. Vander Meulen has judged dairy cattle in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. Specifically, he has judged at the Royal Winter Fair, World Dairy Expo, the North American International Livestock Exposition, the All-American Dairy Show, the Western National, the Eastern States Exposition, and the Stratford Championship Show.

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