We always appreciate a good critique and follow-up questions from our readers. This particular query contained both when it arrived in our office from an Ohio dairyman.

Thank you for writing the “Dairy fats about to be condemned by panel” Editorial Comment on page 252 of the April 25, 2020, issue of Hoard’s Dairyman. I agree it is important that we contact our representatives. However, I think you could have given us more information in the article to arm us with more details to better prepare us to converse with our representatives.

Here are my questions:
Ohio dairyman: Where can we find or reference the report or information of scientists from the U.S., Canada, and Denmark and their recommendation?

Hoard’s Dairyman answer: Please follow this link to the group of scientists, the consensus statement, and the letter they wrote to the secretaries.

Ohio dairyman: Is there a report or record of the National Academy of Sciences explaining the flawed studies?

Hoard’s Dairyman answer: You may find the National Academy of Sciences reports here.

Ohio dairyman: How do we find the Time magazine article?

Hoard’s Dairyman answer: That article is behind a paywall. But you could find the June 23, 2014, article at this link.

Thank you to Dan Besancon from Cowmooch Dairy of Wooster, Ohio, for sending these questions. We trust that Dan, along with our readers, are better equipped to contact your elected officials and urge fellow dairymen and dairywomen to also voice their thoughts.

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May 7, 2020
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