Proper nutrition is a key element of any successful dairy operation
Feb. 10 2020
The 2019 growing season was one of the most challenging seasons many of us have ever seen. Several areas had severe winterkill; spring planting delayed by cool, wet weather; and a short summer with more...
Jan. 28 2019
For maximum efficiency, dairy cows must receive each amino acid necessary for high milk production without oversupply of any amino acid beyond its need
Nov. 15 2018
There is growing global demand for grass-fed dairy products. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the origins of food, and grass-fed dairy and organic dairy provide alternative products for consumers
Sept. 25 2018
Transition cow success has improved on many dairies in the last 20 years. Many dairy producers have effectively focused on improved cow comfort during the transition period
Sept. 25 2018
Fats are added to diets to raise energy density. During hot weather, they may be included in rations as a way to combat heat stress
Sept. 25 2018
Our industry is increasingly global on many levels, yet we often do not grasp what is happening (or what we could learn) outside of our driveway, state, or region
Aug. 17 2018
Bill challenged me at a meeting about his high-producing Holstein herd (over 29,000 pounds of milk) with the question, “Do you have data that allows me to evaluate my herd to the national dairy...
June 15 2018
Robotic milking systems are becoming more popular. The obvious potential benefits of these systems include reduced labor expenses, additional milking frequency for higher milk yield per cow, and improved...
Feb. 25 2018
Cows in early lactation have markedly higher energy requirements, which are not entirely met by energy intake. As a result, cows mobilize fat reserves to compensate for the negative energy balance
Jan. 10 2018
Balancing micronutrients in rations is increasingly important as milk production intensifies and farms strive for efficient production. In the past, trace nutrient formulation was often overlooked and
April 25 2017
At times, feed and forage analyses combined with an advanced nutrition model diet or ration formulation provide the means to improve herd health, performance, and profitability
April 10 2017
Finding performance and profitable opportunities within your nutrition program can happen through various channels
March 25 2017
In today’s world, milk production efficiency is the name of the game. Feed efficiency is often calculated as the pounds of 3.5 percent fat-corrected milk (FCM) produced per pound of dry matter consu
March 25 2017
Proper grouping of cows can improve cow health, boost production, and raise income over feed costs. However, grouping cows is not free. Adequate facilities, time to make grouping decisions and manage
Jan. 25 2017
At the national dairy science meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah, in July, several abstracts featured new data on feed additives. By definition, a feed additive is a ration ingredient that does not provide...
Jan. 10 2017
What a fall many of us had! We approached fall harvest with wetter-than-normal fields and were prepared for that. We were not prepared for the heavy rains that occurred during harvest
March 10 2016
What's new in transition feeding? At the ADSA (American Dairy Science Association) meeting, transition cow research abstracts were prevalent. Several abstracts are listed below with a brief summary, a...
May 25 2015
Not all feed changes are created equal Feed and forage samples are the basis for your rations. Yet, variation is inherent in the process. Taking multiple samples will reduce the "noise" within your results
Dec. 10 2014
Rations don't always require a TMR Component feeding is an art form. For success, balance your rapidly degradable nutrients with feeds that break down slowly. While TMRs may dominate feeding today, some...
Sept. 25 2014
Total mixed ration (TMR) mixers are an integral part of the day-to-day operations on a dairy. These pieces of equipment are used several times a day, and selecting the proper machine can make feeding a...