Proper nutrition is a key element of any successful dairy operation
Jan. 10 2024
Sometimes we must slow down to see important details about dairy cows. So many things cows tell us with their behavior can only be seen with a trained eye and a slow walk
Jan. 10 2023
Dating back to my days on the family dairy farm, my favorite tool has been a multi-tool strapped to my belt. While I’ve converted and upgraded nearly all of the mechanics and woodworking tools in...
Oct. 10 2022
Today’s athletes have different goals than their counterparts from prior decades. Athletic goals in this era are attributable to new technologies, training techniques, advanced analytics, new strate
Sept. 14 2022
Despite the many advances in dairy cattle nutrition, we are still faced with some challenges. One of those challenges is to ensure adequate dry matter intake (DMI) in transition cows to optimize health
Aug. 10 2022
To all the avid Hoard’s Dairyman readers out there — thank you! Over the nearly 15 years since graduate school, I’ve written articles for different publications
June 8 2022
High-forage diets for dairy cattle are becoming more popular due to the cost-effectiveness of homegrown forages and potential benefits on milk components
April 18 2022
More and more I get questions about the proper chop length for silages and what is a desirable particle distribution for a total mixed ration (TMR) when using the Penn State Particle Separator
April 10 2022
A cliché is an overused word or phrase that can deviate from or even betray the word’s intended meaning. In some cases, clichés are used so frequently that they become unnoticeable...
March 30 2022
Dairy producers are well aware of what milk fever does to a cow. Muscle weakness and recumbency are the most visible signs, and if the condition is left untreated, it can lead to death
March 30 2022
Homegrown forages are vital ingredients in dairy diets with corn silage being one of the anchors in rations for dairy cows. High-quality corn silage not only supplies energy for maintenance
Jan. 1 2022
Carbohydrates often make up 60% or more of the ration dry matter and provide 70% to 80% of the cow’s energy needs
Dec. 14 2021
Nutritionists rightly focus on ration formulation, but the best ones understand that management expertise and cow comfort can make or break a ration
Sept. 10 2021
Feed efficiency has become a common measurement reported in research journals. Not only is it an economic measure on dairy farms, but it has become part of our genetic base in selecting bull semen
Sept. 2 2021
Whether exercising, practicing your sport, or sighting in your rifle, repetition equates to power. We know this based upon experience. In exercising, repetitions build strength over time
July 12 2021
Detection of hyperketonemia, more commonly referred to as subclinical and clinical ketosis, has progressed greatly in the last decade
April 14 2021
Lists are critical for dairy farms. In the following discussion, we’ll work through a butterfat checklist your dairy can use to evaluate milkfat depression factors prior to the grocery store
July 9 2020
if 2020 had been a package received in the mail, we would like to “return to sender.”
May 25 2020
Proper mixing of dairy rations is one of the key jobs on a dairy farm operation. It is crucial to carefully manage this process
May 10 2020
Covid-19 has turned the dairy industry upside down, threatening the health of family and labor resources, milk prices, and available markets for milk
March 25 2020
The cropping enterprise is an integral component to the success of the dairy enterprise and the whole farm in generating profit. Purchased feed costs are usually monitored regularly by producers