Feb. 7 2020 08:00 AM

Sometimes all it takes is a simple thank-you for those around us to feel our gratitude.

This past week in one of my English classes, the concept of thank-you notes was brought up in reference to what some choose to do after an interview as they aim to leave a positive, lasting impression. My professor then challenged each of us in the class to write a thank-you note to someone in our life.

This got me thinking. Sometimes we aren’t the best at thanking others when we genuinely do in fact appreciate what they do. We might go through spells — especially around the holidays — where we tend to show this kind of generosity, but we often lose it. I, for one, forget all the time! At any given moment, I could name at least 50 individuals who have impacted my life and, at minimum, deserve a huge thank-you. Who are these people in your life?

What about our unsung heroes of the dairy industry? These are the ones who are our milkers, hoof trimmers, truck drivers, night guys, milk testers, processing plant employees, and so many more. These men and women deserve so much praise, and it sometimes goes unspoken.

During my 2018 summer internship with Harvue Farms in Berryville, Va., I noticed a very close-knit bond between the Hardesty family and their team of employees. Birthdays were celebrated, and there was a continuous flow of positive vibes no matter the day. One day in particular, there was even pizza for dinner because everyone had helped out the night before with a huge technology issue in the parlor.

Don’t feel obligated to write everyone in your life a thank-you note or buy them a slice of pizza, but try to think of what a thank-you means to you. Melody Beattie, an American author, once said, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough.” Be someone’s enough this week.

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas grew up in Pittsboro, N.C., showing and raising dairy heifers. Thomas attends Virginia Tech, majoring in dairy science with minors in agricultural economics, communication, and Spanish. On campus, she’s involved with Dairy Club, Sigma Alpha, and has been a member of the Virginia Tech dairy judging team. Thomas was the 2019 Hoard’s Dairyman summer editorial intern.