Oct. 3 2023
The first animals to parade across the colored shavings at this year’s World Dairy Expo were led by junior exhibitors participating in the Youth Showmanship Contest
Oct. 4 2022
Before the cattle shows began on Monday, a special group of animal handlers had the chance to display their showmanship skills on Sunday, October 2
July 5 2022
We brought back the beloved Gopher Dairy Camp for the summer of 2022, and I couldn’t be happier with how it went
April 5 2022
Showing dairy animals teaches lessons that are applicable to my life today
Sept. 30 2021
Topline seamlessly straight? Check. Tail fluffed to perfection? Check. Cow correctly set up at the slightest gesture of the judge? Check
Aug. 4 2017
Our office gets calls and emails throughout the year from people asking about showmanship rules and looking for resource material
Sept. 30 2016
Last week I had the opportunity to attend the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pa. The show has a huge youth component with judging contests, junior management competition, seven youth breed shows,...
Sept. 19 2016
This 16-minute DVD shows winning technique in action in the show-ring
Sept. 19 2016
US edition: This book details what the young showman needs to know, and includes the newly released PDCA Showmanship Evaluation card
June 1 2016
PDCA showmanship guidelines are designed to help showmen prepare for the big dance. Stepping in unison, circling the ring. One partner wears white, while the other wears spots. Heads are up, tails are...
May 25 2016
Imagine how frustrating it is to aim at a moving target. It can make you feel annoyed, stressed, and even defeated. Unfortunately, this is the very challenge faced by many young dairy exhibitors in showmanship...
June 15 2015
Ever since the PDCA (Purebred Dairy Cattle Association) unveiled its updated Showmanship Evaluation Scorecard in 2012, questions have abounded
Oct. 4 2014
Youth showcase their cattle presentation skills. It was an amazing sight . . . hundreds of youth stayed late into the night on Thursday to compete in World Dairy Expo's showmanship contest. Youth were...
Jan. 8 2014
Fall 2011 PDCA showmanship scorecard changes are slow to be adopted. Old habits are hard to break. Forming new habits helps reinforce positive actions, but breaking old ones, can be challenging. In the...
Oct. 5 2013
It's a 3-peat for Booth in showmanship. While 288 youth participated in the 2013 World Dairy Expo Youth Showmanship Contest at World Dairy Expo, only one exhibitor has won his division for the past three...
May 14 2013
Little things can be overlooked when preparing for showmanship. I attend several youth dairy shows throughout the year as a spectator, but participated in dozens during my junior years. Showmanship is...
July 31 2012
Last fall the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA) updated their showmanship scorecard. The committee felt the scorecard should more accurately reflect how showmanship is evaluated. They removed the...
April 10 2012
The key in showmanship is showing your animal to its best advantage with natural ease and without extreme effort.
March 25 2012
The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association’s (PDCA) decision to revise the PDCA Showmanship Evaluation Card, used when judging junior dairy fitting and showmanship contests, is an attempt to better