Aug. 21 2017
Losses in 2015 and 2016 have erased nearly two-thirds of the record profits dairy farmers made in 2014
July 15 2017
We had a wake-up call about market risk when a number of Wisconsin and Minnesota farms lost their milk markets
July 14 2017
Opportunities and challenges in dairy replacement heifer raising by Michael Overton, D.V.M. Heifers are the future for dairies
June 12 2017
It may have been only $15 per cow, but at least it was a positive number in 2016 for the 457 dairy farms in the Farm Credit East financial survey
June 12 2017
Either way you slice it . . . on a per cow or per hundredweight basis . . . dairy farms lost money in all seven Western states
June 5 2017
It’s not fair to say that “big farms” are bad and “small farms” are good, or that farms milking more cows are better than those with fewer cows
May 1 2017
One of the main aspects of dairy farm expansion is the change in the ownership structure of farm entities
April 10 2017
There is good reason that state leaders place so much energy recruiting dairy farms to their region. That’s because our businesses represent significant economic engines that generate jobs and comme
Feb. 27 2017
Among all major dairy exporters, the U.S. is the only country that has seen growth in production in the last few months
Dec. 12 2016
If 2015 was a nightmare for Western dairy farmers’ checkbooks, certainly the beginning of 2016 was even worse, according to numbers provided by Frazer, LLP
Nov. 17 2016
Our family farm has one problem in common with every other dairy farm in the U.S. We are contending with low prices for both milk and beef
Oct. 17 2016
While costs to produce milk fell 11 percent last year, the world’s average milk price dropped 33 percent, reported the IFCN team of dairy economists based around the world. As everyone milking cows
June 6 2016
Falling milk prices virtually wiped out profits for Northeast dairy farmers in 2015, delivering close to break-even results on average, according to Farm Credit's Northeast Dairy Farm Summary. In addition...
Oct. 5 2015
With dairy farms in seven of its eight regions netting over $1,000 per head last year, clients for Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants reported a very profitable year in 2014
Sept. 11 2015
Average cost is approximately one-third higher than it was in 2006. The cost of making milk never seems to go down, a hard reality that data from the nation's largest dairy accounting firm drives home...
June 1 2015
Last year went into the books as one of the best financial years for U.S. dairy farmers. However, as milk prices started to drop in November, balance sheets started coming closer to a breakeven point
May 18 2015
"We've had a big decline to normalcy," stated Mark Stephenson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison when comparing milk prices from 2014 to 2015. "If you are concerned about milk prices this year, you...
May 18 2015
The U.S. dairy industry continues to grow and change in many ways, but the actual number of dairy farms has been declining at a fairly steady clip. In fact, the only state to gain herds in 2014 was Pennsylvania....
May 18 2015
Twenty-one billion dollars in gross domestic product (GDP), $65 billion in total sales "ripple effects," and a driver of 189,000 jobs are just three of the staggering impacts that dairying has on the economic...
May 4 2015
Few topics have been debated as long or as passionately or as divisively as estate taxes. Or, as headline writers like to call them, "death taxes." U.S. estate taxes date back to 1797. For more than a...