June 16 2022
Despite historic butterfat production from the nation’s dairy herd, full-fat dairy products continue to have red-hot demand as spot butter prices hover near $3 per pound on the CME. Consider this,...
June 6 2022
This May, the four Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) milk pricing benchmarks fell just one penny short of achieving the first ever $25-plus-across-the-board milk price in U.S. history
May 16 2022
For back-to-back months, USDA held its 2022 All-Milk price forecast in a tight one-nickel range from $25.75 to $25.80 per hundredweight (cwt)
May 12 2022
A $2.25 drop in per hundredweight (cwt.) pay price. . . that’s a substantial price reduction. That’s doubly true when the shift occurred in less than a three-month window
May 9 2022
After bottoming out at $1,140 per head in April 2019, dairy replacements slowly gained value, selling between $1,240 and $1,380 per head over the next four years
April 21 2022
Steel prices had been falling this year.Then Russia invaded Ukraine and created upheaval in pig iron markets as values for this important ingredient to manufacture finished steel
April 18 2022
Multiple component pricing has been the mechanism that has established the value for the supermajority of the nation’s milk since the Federal Milk Marketing Order reforms
April 18 2022
Dairy farming has always been a capital-intensive business. There are a lot of fixed investments required to run a dairy farm as detailed in my March 2022 column
April 14 2022
It’s not just business expenses rising for dairy farmers across the country — higher prices are impacting every aspect of human life, from the gas pump to the grocery store
Feb. 14 2022
Dairy products remain rather tight worldwide. Given that situation, one would rationalize that the global milk production spigot may be turned to full stream
Jan. 24 2022
Inflation has officially arrived on the dairy product front as rising feed costs and the resulting tightness in U.S. milk supplies sends butter, cheese, nonfat dry milk, and whey prices climbing
Jan. 17 2022
In recent weeks, projections for higher milk prices have been frequently discussed. USDA’s most current monthly outlook projects the All -Milk price for 2022 at $22.60, a 21 % jump relative to 2021
Jan. 13 2022
Futures markets continued to move higher with mounting evidence that milk output among the major dairy exporters continues to slow
Jan. 13 2022
Inflated fertilizer prices are just one of the exacerbated input costs farmers are dealing with as we enter a new year and season
Jan. 6 2022
Just as the rising input costs of inflation are making food production more difficult for farmers, consumers are also continuing to see rising prices as they fill their grocery carts
Dec. 13 2021
Like any forage, alfalfa production carries its unique challenges from seeding to feeding. Specifically, when discussing the quality necessary to provide good nutrition to high-producing dairy cows
Dec. 2 2021
Many believe that sustainability will influence the purchases of tomorrow’s customers. In fact, 73% of Generation Z consumers in a 2020 survey said they would be willing to pay more
Nov. 24 2021
It has been a long-standing tradition for many people to enjoy a turkey dinner in some form on Thanksgiving Day
Oct. 4 2021
China is expected to slow their milk powder import needs in the coming months. If other global importers cannot pick up the slack, downside price risk will be rippling through global dairy markets
Oct. 4 2021
Dairy product consumption continued its growth trajectory despite the pandemic. In fact, American consumers ate more dairy products in eight of the past 10 years