Sept. 11 2023
The need for more and higher value crops, as well as developmental pressure, has pushed agricultural land values to record high levels. That’s true for farm real estate, cropland, and pastureland
Sept. 7 2023
Historically, corn silage contracts have been based on a standard corn grain equivalent. This year, however, has atypical values of corn silage in fields compared to years past
Aug. 17 2023
The value of U.S. dairy exports rose by 26% last year, following an 18% gain in 2021. Yet for the first half of 2023, dairy export value has slid by 10%, with double-digit percentage declines in butter...
Aug. 17 2023
For the first time in almost two years, Americans are feeling a little bit better about stretching their dollars when they go to the grocery store. That’s because the yearly average inflation rate...
June 26 2023
When consumers spend $1 on dairy products, dairy farmers receive 36 cents of that dollar. That’s according to the latest research by USDA’s Economic Research Service
June 26 2023
The price and margin outlook continues to challenge the nation’s dairy farmers, with little sign of immediate relief
June 15 2023
Two mainstay farm animals have far different value propositions these days
March 2 2023
We often talk about how dairy prices are going to raise or lower milk production, but we don’t spend much time talking about the impact that prices have on the demand side
Sept. 26 2022
“PPDs” had become a four-letter word in dairy farmers’ lexicon when negative producer price differentials (PPDs) exploded onto the scene in June 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic
Aug. 22 2022
Land prices in the “Big I” states of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana began to moderate between the first and second quarter of 2022 as Illinois held steady, Indiana rose 1%, and Iowa gained 4%
Aug. 18 2022
After being in a constant climb since May’s opening forecast, USDA economists shaved $1.65 off the agency’s All-Milk price projection for 2023
Aug. 8 2022
Are we in a period of across-the-board price increases?Dumb question, right?How about the question, “How much are prices increasing?
Aug. 4 2022
August 2, 2022, trading marked the second straight trading session that dairy product prices dropped 5% at New Zealand’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT)
Aug. 1 2022
Consumers of goods — a group that includes all Americans — are paying more for everything right now. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose another 1.3% in June after climbing 1% in May
June 16 2022
Despite historic butterfat production from the nation’s dairy herd, full-fat dairy products continue to have red-hot demand as spot butter prices hover near $3 per pound on the CME. Consider this,...
June 6 2022
This May, the four Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) milk pricing benchmarks fell just one penny short of achieving the first ever $25-plus-across-the-board milk price in U.S. history
May 16 2022
For back-to-back months, USDA held its 2022 All-Milk price forecast in a tight one-nickel range from $25.75 to $25.80 per hundredweight (cwt)
May 12 2022
A $2.25 drop in per hundredweight (cwt.) pay price. . . that’s a substantial price reduction. That’s doubly true when the shift occurred in less than a three-month window
May 9 2022
After bottoming out at $1,140 per head in April 2019, dairy replacements slowly gained value, selling between $1,240 and $1,380 per head over the next four years
April 21 2022
Steel prices had been falling this year.Then Russia invaded Ukraine and created upheaval in pig iron markets as values for this important ingredient to manufacture finished steel