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I read your response to the Consumer Reports article (Consumer Reports offers poor advice on milk) on drinking milk from cloned cows. I hope that Hoard's Dairyman will be sending Consumer Reports this information as a follow-up to their article.

- Nancy Esser, Wisconsin

If they are concerned about cloned milk, they should look at Silk "milk," Monster "milk" and almond "milk." Not one of those products deliver the protein and other nutrients that compares to cow's milk and its natural value!!!

- Tom Monteith, Massachusetts

I read your very good HD Intel response to the Consumer Reports comments on cloned milk, and of course completely agree with you. I've been a long-time subscriber to CR, decades in fact, and while I value their product evaluations, many done by independent panels or via formal subscriber feedback, their political views may affect some of their food research. One time I sent the editors a letter chastising them for some agricultural misstatement but never got a response, nor did I expect one. Facts, not opinions.

- Ev Thomas, New York

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