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Nearly 50 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) salespeople recently participated in training activities to learn more about how to best serve dairy producers. The training incorporated BIVI’s Keep Calves Healthy initiative, which provides producers with the right tools to grow a strong, healthy group of calves every season.

The three-day training included on-farm and in-classroom sessions about animal health and disease prevention for cattle of all ages. Participants learned more about challenges facing producers, proper use of vaccines, mastitis treatment, ideal cattle housing, colostrum testing and more. Meetings were held in Visalia, California; Lansing, Michigan; and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Participants left with tools to use with customers that include calf record sheets, a manual brix refractometer and a thermometer to measure colostrum quality and temperature.
Contact your local BIVI sales representative for more information on the Keep Calves Healthy initiative or any of their products.