Those in dairy circles know the many positive attributes found in milk and dairy products. However, our comprehensive knowledge about our daily vocation and dairy products just may be the limiting factor in fully engaging consumers. That’s because we often deliver too many facts and figures, and we miss answering the most basic questions.

“Answering consumers’ questions allows a conversation to start,” explained Google’s Steve Lerch, a six-year account executive with the firm.

“By being helpful, you can then build your brand,” he explained at this year’s IDFA Dairy Forum in Palm Desert, Calif.

Lerch should know, as he has partnered with a number of farm commodity groups during his tenure at Google.

Just how useful can Google search data be to others?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention uses Google search data to determine the location of the next flu outbreak. As for the top milk-related searches on the world’s leading-internet platform, five questions surfaced to the top.

The top five Google search questions about beverage milk include:

    1. How long does milk last?

    2. How long can milk sit out?

    3. Why does organic milk last longer?

    4. Why does milk go bad?

    5. Why does milk curdle?

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February 5, 2018
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