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3rd Edition | Dairy cow physiology; optimizing dry matter intake; feeding and the gestation/lactation cycle; ration formulation; purchasing and valuing feed; special feeding challenges; BST; hot weather; 3X milking, revised and updated throughout, with new chapter on applying NRC 2001. Includes metric measures.

Chapter 1. Feeding a ruminant; Dairy cow physiology
Chapter 2. Feed nutrients
Chapter 3. Optimizing dry matter intake
Chapter 4. The gestation-lactation cycle
Chapter 5. Feeds for dairy cattle
Chapter 6. Feeding systems
Chapter 7. Ration formulation
Chapter 8. Purchasing and valuing feed
Chapter 9. Feeding disorders
Chapter 10. Calf feeding guidelines
Chapter 11. Heifer feeding guidelines
Chapter 12. Dry cow management
Chapter 13. Special feeding challenges
Chapter 14. Using Dairy NRC 2001
Appendix tables

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