Bundle includes: Feeding Guide, Dairy Cattle Fertility, Calf Care, and Corn Silage

Feeding Guide
This 4th edition book covers topics such as dairy cow physiology, the gestation-lactation cycle, purchasing and valuing feed, ration formulation, feeding disorders, and mycotoxin safety levels. In this attractive, easy-to-ready layout, you will find updated nutrition guidelines to optimize your feeding systems while keeping economic principles top of mind. Total of 103 pages. New to this edition are sections on:
  • Robotic feeding
  • High digestibility forages
  • Feeding strategies for increased herd production
Dairy Cattle Fertility
The dairy farmer’s tools for managing their herd’s reproduction continue to advance, and this book will help you understand and utilize them. In addition to chapters on economics, anatomy and physiology, and health and calving management, you will find information on:

  • Reproductive technologies for dairy use (NEW chapter in this edition)
  • Fertility program scheduling and compliance
  • Various methods of pregnancy diagnosis
  • Genetics of fertility
  • Ideal timing of breeding for cows and heifers
  • A.I. technique and on-farm bull management
  • Feeding strategies for improving fertility

Each of the 19 chapters is authored by different reproduction specialists from universities and companies across North America, providing a variety of perspectives on today’s dairy industry. Total of 129 pages.

Calf Care

Start your replacements off right with updated resources and recommendations from authors Coleen Jones and Jud Heinrichs of Penn State. This easy-to-read book includes best practices for:

  • Calving
  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • Calf health monitoring
  • Colostrum management.

There is an updated appendix with IgG absorption information and additional resources for scoring and evaluating calf health. Total of 80 pages.

Corn Silage: From Seed to Feed

Corn silage serves as the foundation for dairy rations around the country, and feeding a high-quality product requires attention to detail throughout the growing, harvesting, and storage processes. This 80-page manual explains best practices and references for each stage of corn silage management:

  • Chapter 1: Production (by Joe Lawrence, Cornell University)
  • Chapter 2: Harvest (by Brian Luck, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Chapter 3: Storage (by Brian Holmes, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Chapter 4: Feeding (by Luiz Ferraretto and Randy Shaver, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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