Dec. 13 2019
I grew up absolutely living for contests such as Dairy Bowl, dairy judging, management contests, showing, and so much more
Nov. 14 2019
It was a battle all day at the North American International Livestock Exposition for the Dairy Bowl contest. Seventeen teams from Washington to Massachusetts competed. Wisconsin was undefeated when they...
June 21 2019
Growing up as a breed convention attendee and competitor, I knew that the end of the school year didn’t mean the beginning of vacation, hanging by the pool, or even simply relaxing in front of the...
Jan. 7 2019
I admit it. I am a dairy bowl junkie. I love watching the competition. It could be youth or adults pressing the buzzers; it does not matter
Nov. 5 2018
New York 4-H has participated in every Dairy Quiz Bowl contest at the North American International Livestock Exposition since the very first, which was held in 1980
Nov. 6 2017
There were siblings on teams from Georgia, Arkansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, but no one had quite the showing of Alabama’s Gavin and Ethan Rankins
June 30 2017
That was a familiar phase heard repeatedly on Wednesday as youth requested categories and points from the giant Dairy Jeopardy board
Nov. 25 2016
Some dairy bowlers like the idea of written exams. It is less pressure than the intense buzzer portion and often the exam is multiple choice – creating a higher likelihood of getting more questions
Nov. 11 2016
4-H members from across the country — spanning Washington to Florida and Vermont to Mississippi competed in the 2016 North American 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest held in Louisville, Ky
July 8 2016
Youth take a "go big or go home" approach to competition. "You are betting all your points in Final Jeopardy," stated the moderator when speaking to California's Alexandra (Alex) Gambonini. The 120 points...
July 1 2015
Atypical youth succeed at national dairy bowl contest
Nov. 12 2014
Empire State has won nearly one-third of all national contests. After a second place finish in last year's contest, New York 4-H came back in full force in 2014. Not only did they win the team portion...
Nov. 16 2013
Teams from 19 States Compete The Invitational 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl was the first major youth contest to be held at the 40th annual North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville,...
Aug. 28 2013
Hayley Fernandes used all her resources to prepare for national competition. Whether it's showing, judging or dairy bowl, everyone starts at the beginning. Often times an older sibling shows the younger...
Jan. 10 2013
Dairy bowl competitions across the nation are in full swing, at both state breed and 4-H competitions, as youth vie for a chance to show their skills at a national level. For the various breeds, national...
Nov. 27 2012
Youth competition stimulates learning. A concept brought to 4-H dairy youth by Maryland extension agent, John Morris, in 1980 has turned into a widely accepted youth activity. Dairy Bowl began in the 4-H...
Nov. 6 2012
Written exam top scores: Trent Dado (2nd) and Cody Getschel (1st) The Invitational 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl was the first major youth contest to be held at the 39th Annual North American International Livestock...
Nov. 5 2012
Rematch of last year's finals had New York edging Wisconsin in 2012. The National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest has been held since 1980, when just seven state teams competed. This weekend in Louisville,...
Nov. 8 2011
Enjoy the slide show. It includes all the teams, competition photos, and candids from their evening mixer. 2011 National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest Results 1st: Wisconsin 2nd: New York 3rd: Minnesota...
Nov. 7 2011
New York challenges the winners twice and places second in Louisville. The Wisconsin 4-H team topped 17 other state teams to take home National Championship honors in 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl. This year's contest...