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Commodity Blenders, LLC (CBL) recently hosted an Open House at the company's newest facility in Warren, Indiana, attracting consulting animal nutritionists, livestock and poultry producers, and members of the local community.

"Manufacturing at our new Warren Feed Facility has been up and running for a few months now," said Bruce Keener, CBL President and CEO, "and we took this opportunity to thank our customers and friends for their support."

"We're also thankful to be a growing part of the community of Warren," Keener added.

"It's great to have a number of long-time Warren residents working with the CBL team. And it's wonderful that facilities manager Chase Leighty now makes his home here."

The Warren Feed Manufacturing Facility provides custom quality blending and product manufacture. It features state-of-the-art computer control of production, including a 36-bin micro proportioning system, 6-ton batch mixer, and bagging line. The facility includes handling, warehouse, and storage capacity for a wide range of bagged, mini-bulk, and bulk ingredients.

CBL's facilities in Warren include bin storage for more than 771,000 bushels of corn. The new facility features multiple truck scales, receiving pits, and loadout bays to speed acceptance of raw materials and delivery of products by CBL's dedicated truck fleet and bulk feed trailers.

"Our new facility," COO Mike Wright said, "is a major capital investment that helps support the Warren community and expands our manufacturing capabilities to meet the nutritional needs of the swine, poultry, and dairy markets in Indiana and beyond.

Director of Operations Kirt Keener added, "We're proud to be an independent, family-owned business committed to 'maximum bottom line results' for livestock and poultry producers and their nutrition advisers."