Jan. 14 2019 08:00 AM

There are only so many hours in the day, but some dairy producers have made it a priority to educate consumers online.

Most dairy farmers we meet around the country aren't using social media to connect with consumers. While they understand the importance of reaching out to people who are three or four generations removed from the farm, it's tough to find the time. There are always higher priorities, such as getting the chores done or checking the markets or chasing the cows that got out again.

Still, there are several farmers who make it a priority to connect with consumers. They are sharing their farm life online and are willing to answer questions, share recipes, and, in a few cases, take on detractors. Putting yourself out there for the world to comment about isn’t the easiest thing to do, but we know from consumer research that people will listen to farmers when it comes to learning about food production.

I’d like to give a shout-out to those who put in the time to connect with consumers. I hope you check out their work, like and share their content. Let them know they are doing a great job on behalf of the rest of the dairy industry.

Dairy Carrie: www.facebook.com/DairyCarrie/
Modern Day Farm Chick: www.facebook.com/moderndayfarmchick/
The Farmer's Wifee: www.facebook.com/StaufferDairy/
Tillamook Dairy Farmer: www.facebook.com/tillamookdairyfarmer/
Little Dairy on the Prairie: www.facebook.com/pg/LittleDairyonthePrairie
Cow Comfort Inn Dairy: www.facebook.com/cowcomfortinn/
Spruce Row Farm: www.facebook.com/sprucerow/?ref=br_rs
Dairy at Wheeler Mountain: www.facebook.com/TheFarmAtWheelerMountain/?ref=br_rs
Milksource: www.facebook.com/MilkSource/
Truth or Dairy: www.facebook.com/TruthOrDairy/
My Barnyard View: www.facebook.com/mybarnyardview/
Mackinson Dairy: www.facebook.com/MackinsonDairyFarm/
Zweber Family Farms: www.facebook.com/Zweberfarms%20/
Heartwood Farm: www.facebook.com/HeartwoodFarm.info
Dairygood Life: www.facebook.com/dairygoodlife/
Redhead Creamery: www.facebook.com/RedheadCreamery/?ref=br_rs
Messy Kennedy: www.facebook.com/MessyKennedy/
Eat Farm Love: www.facebook.com/pg/eatfarmlove/
Cowpots: www.facebook.com/cowpots/
Scholze Family Farms: www.facebook.com/scholzefamilyfarm/
Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy: www.facebook.com/PagelsPonderosaDairyLLC/?ref=br_rs
Rosy-Lane Holsteins: www.facebook.com/rosylaneholsteins/?ref=br_rs
Dettmann Dairy Farms: www.facebook.com/DettmannDairyFarms/?ref=br_rs
Mapleview Dairy: www.facebook.com/MapleviewDairy
Milking R: www.facebook.com/MilkingR
Anglin Dairy: www.facebook.com/AnglinDairy

Jenni Tilton-Flood: https://twitter.com/jtiltonflood
Ray Prock: https://twitter.com/RayProck
Gilmer Dairy: https://twitter.com/gilmerdairy
Farmer Bright: https://twitter.com/Farmerbright
Farmer Nate: https://twitter.com/ChittendenNate
Trent Bown: https://twitter.com/TrentBown
NYFarmer: https://twitter.com/NYFarmer

New Mexico Milkmaid: www.instagram.com/newmexicomilkmaid/
Wisconsin Gal: www.instagram.com/wiscowsingal/
Kyle Humphrey: www.instagram.com/khump22/
NY Farm Girls: www.instagram.com/nyfarmgirls/
CA Dairy Dad: www.instagram.com/cadairydad/
CA Dairy Fit: www.instagram.com/cadairyfit/
Kjerseykids: www.instagram.com/kjerseykids/
Premier Dairy Farms: www.instagram.com/premier_dairy_farms/

For a continuously updated list of farmers active on Facebook and Instagram, please visit the following links:

If I missed you or someone you know, please send me your farm's social channels or theirs so we can see more good work being done and share it as well. You can reach me at don.schindler@dairy.org or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Don Schindler

The author is a Senior Vice President of Digital Initiatives at Dairy Management Inc.