Sept. 15 2021 08:00 AM

Sometimes looking at life from a different angle can totally change your perspective.

I have been posting pictures and videos about the dairy life for quite a few years now, and I recently noticed something interesting. Although the cows may look the same and the facility remains unchanged, the picture taken is always different. I will be the first one to admit that I take the scenery for granted. I am not exactly the “sit and watch the sunset” type. But with that being said, even I will admit that sometimes it’s good to stop for a second and appreciate the sunrise at a different angle.

My brother and I were joking the other day that there are times we go to bed so tired and defeated that when the alarm goes off in the morning, all you can think of is, “Well crap, time to do this again.” Although it may be the truth sometimes, the other side of the coin looks quite different.

I love getting up before the sun and running the race, trying to get all the work done and get home before the sun sets. I enjoy coming home tired, knowing I gave the day everything I had. I love to watch as new calves are born and corn seeds planted, knowing that someday they will both be much bigger than I.

Life on the farm can be very monotonous sometimes, always fighting toward the same goal. However, the very nature of farm life is that you never know what the day will bring, which means what your eyes physically see is different, even when you don’t realize it. I find it so easy to get caught up in the everyday live and forget about the little miracles that are happening all around us. From newborn calves, thriving crops, or that brief summer shower perfectly timed to settle the dust and clean the air. It’s these little things that we see all the time that are easy to overlook.

Caring for the same farm with the same cows can seem like the same view every day. But what I have noticed over the years is sometimes backing up and looking at things from a different angle changes everything.

Give it a try today. When things get boring or the times get tough, take a step back to get a different view. It may surprise you.

Enjoy your views today!

Tyler Ribeiro

Tyler Ribeiro is a fourth-generation dairy farmer born and raised in California. He is currently partners with his father at Rib-Arrow Dairy in Tulare where they proudly ship their milk to Land O’Lakes. Tyler is actively involved in the dairy industry, holding leadership roles in various organizations locally and across the United States.