Feb. 24 2012 06:27 AM

Federal Trade Commission is getting an earful from people who feel deceived and mislead.

HSUS is a scam scrabble lettersSlowly but surely, word is sinking in with consumers about a different and much less noble image of Humane Society of the United States. The result is a backlash that is hitting them where it hurts the most: The wallet.

Led by HumaneWatch.org, efforts to expose HSUS as a donation-sucking vacuum that only uses pet do-gooding as an emotional façade are starting to have an effect. As awareness grows about the scope of its actual involvement in running pet shelters (none) and the percentage of donations that are spent on shelters (one), "stuff" is starting to hit the fan.

Much of it is coming from former HSUS donors, who are expressing their outrage at being deceived and mislead to the Federal Trade Commission. (Photo courtesy of Center for Consumer Freedom.)

Earlier this month, HumaneWatch.org posted instructions on its website for those wanting to file a formal complaint with the FTC, and encouraged them to share their comments with others. It estimates that some 200 had done so as you read this. Here are just three that were sent to the FTC:

"They advertise they are helping animals, when only $1 out of every $100 goes to help animals. My sister has sent them money thinking she is helping animals, when in reality she's helping promote vegetarianism!"

"I have given money to HSUS thinking they were helping animals, only to find out they are lining their own pockets and the pockets of lobbyists to end circuses, zoos, breeding, exhibiting of animals, etc."

"I was duped by the misleading advertising of the HSUS, sent them donations, and then found out that despite their clever name and heart-wrenching advertising propaganda, they are not using the majority of their donations to help animals."