Dec. 17 2018
It is easy to cut feed costs, but it’s harder to cut costs without sacrificing milk production. This webinar discusses controlling expenses by selecting cost-effective ingredients, grouping cows...
July 9 2018
It’s no surprise that just about everything that goes into making milk is expensive
June 12 2017
Either way you slice it . . . on a per cow or per hundredweight basis . . . dairy farms lost money in all seven Western states
Feb. 10 2017
As is always the case, the key factors affecting milk prices this year will be demand and supply. On the favorable front for U.S. prices is a likely continuation of last year’s robust domestic demand
Jan. 3 2017
Here at the beginning of 2017, the U.S. dairy picture looks far better in two key ways compared to a year ago: Class III prices are much higher
Dec. 15 2016
Mother Nature can be good and bad. This year saw amazing examples of both, starting with winter storm “Goliath” that pounded key dairy areas in eastern New Mexico and the West Texas Panhandl
Dec. 12 2016
If 2015 was a nightmare for Western dairy farmers’ checkbooks, certainly the beginning of 2016 was even worse, according to numbers provided by Frazer, LLP
Oct. 17 2016
These days, dairying isn’t for the financial faint of heart. Wild and scary price swings have become normal in the industry, occasionally plunging below the cost of production long enough to be...
July 18 2016
In a bad year, Jerseys lost less. There's really no way to sugarcoat what kind of year 2015 was for dairy owners: it was bad. After setting an all-time high in 2014, average Class III prices plunged by...
June 20 2016
During a 20-year span, the number of small dairy farms in our ranks has dropped dramatically. And with it, where our cows reside has changed, too. That situation was detailed in the April 25 Hoard's Dairyman...
June 6 2016
A second economic analysis has confirmed that dairy farm income did not cover expenses in 2015 for California dairy producers. Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants conducted the latest study....
June 6 2016
Falling milk prices virtually wiped out profits for Northeast dairy farmers in 2015, delivering close to break-even results on average, according to Farm Credit's Northeast Dairy Farm Summary. In addition...
May 30 2016
Agriculture is cyclical on many levels . . . whether it is the seasons of the year, animal gestation, or even economics
May 23 2016
We've been saying since before 2015 ended that it was a bad financial year for California dairies, and now the state agrees. Except it wasn't just bad, it was awful
March 28 2016
Long-term growth and short-term fluctuation are the new norm for commodity markets. In Kansas this past weekend, my relatives woke up to a blanket of snow. Almost 3 inches fell there overnight and greeted...
Feb. 8 2016
Not since the end of the USDA's Whole Herd Buyout Program has dairy cow culling surpassed that of their beef cow cousins. However, that is exactly what happened in 2015 as beef producers retained cows...
Feb. 8 2016
Bank's outlook: "The sky is falling!" As I write this on January 20, the stock market has dumped 550 points before lunchtime. That's on top of the 1,409 that had already gone poof this month. Happy New...
Feb. 1 2016
"Price recovery will likely come in 2016, but it still could be some way off," said Kevin Bellamy, a global dairy strategist with Rabobank, eluding that a milk price recovery could happen in the fourth...
Jan. 18 2016
Minnesota's dairy sector at a crossroads. A reduction in overall milk production; nearly maxed out cheese plant capacity; and sluggish demand for soft products are among the factors that have conspired...