Jan. 25 2023
Based on milk prices alone, the past year or so has gone well for dairy producers. In May, USDA reported an All-Milk price of $27.30 per hundredweight (cwt.), the highest All-Milk price on record and
Jan. 10 2023
If you had to pick one dominant factor that drove the U.S. dairy economy in 2022, the top candidate would be constrained milk production. It goes without saying that if you had to predict the dominant
Dec. 10 2022
Four years ago, U.S. dairy’s safety net was completely revamped. Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) replaced the largely ineffective Margin Protection Program (MPP-Dairy), and Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP
Nov. 16 2022
Earlier this year, weak U.S. butter prices, combined with a relatively weaker U.S. dollar, generated a lot of export interest from foreign buyers. As these international sales took place, it cut down
Oct. 19 2022
As 2022 begins to draw to a close, it is instructive to look back at the factors responsible for the record All-Milk price that will be logged for the year
Sept. 25 2022
Milk and dairy product prices soared to unprecedented heights this summer as the global milk production deficit worsened
Sept. 10 2022
In my opinion, trying to forecast milk prices for 2023 is a fool’s errand. In my career, I’ve never seen a time with so many unknowns that will impact both milk production and demand
Aug. 13 2022
depending on who you listen to, the U.S. economy is officially in a recession . . . or maybe it isn’t. Either way, commodity prices have fallen over the last several months
July 13 2022
It is unlikely to come as news to readers that beverage milk consumption has been declining in recent decades
June 8 2022
Farmers everywhere are still struggling to manage through this extremely tight labor market. Prices of equipment, parts, fertilizer, hauling, and construction have also surged double-digits
May 10 2022
whether looking at your farm business or household accounts, it’s pretty obvious prices for just about everything are rising
April 25 2022
During the past two years, the commodity world was rocked by both the biggest demand shock and the biggest supply shock seen in generations. COVID-19 lockdowns crushed demand and led to widespread mil
April 10 2022
In recent years, for better or worse, milk prices in the U.S. are determined increasingly by forces at play in other parts of the world
March 1 2022
After seven years of lackluster milk prices, dairy farmers are finally seeing the upswing they have been waiting for in milk checks. This year has started out with a bang
Feb. 10 2022
This year is shaping up to be a good year for milk prices. Milk production has dropped below levels from a year ago in four of the five major dairy exporting regions
Jan. 25 2022
When economists try to forecast markets, they typically look at the history of prices and production and then consider consumer demand and other market factors
Jan. 10 2022
Most forecasts focus on when. When will the supply chain bottlenecks be resolved? When will inflation subside? When will barrel cheese prices catch up with blocks?
Jan. 10 2022
Is it an overstatement to say that the U.S. dairy industry is experiencing a “paradigm shift” in its approach to milk production? Probably
Nov. 10 2021
For decades we have watched as U.S. cow numbers built up quickly in response to favorable market signals while retracting slowly to unfavorable ones