Sept. 20 2019
As winter begins to recede in South America, the continent’s major dairy exporters are struggling to find their footing
Sept. 5 2019
A great superhero needs a great super villain. To be candid, I’ve never had a more difficult time trying to think about the outcome of an upcoming year’s milk price battle as I have at this...
Aug. 22 2019
Dairy farms are subject to many types of risk including market and price, production, human resource management, environmental, and policy
Aug. 7 2019
The Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) pool, specifically the financial benefits of the Class I beverage market, has often been described as a golden goose
July 3 2019
If you’ve got money in your bank account, does that mean your farm is profitable? If your farm is profitable, does that mean you must have enough cash to pay all your bills?
June 5 2019
When a professor instructs students to get out their calculators, a feeling of relief usually falls over the classroom as students are able to use a tool to solve a multifaceted problem
May 23 2019
Despite some significant headwinds, 2018 was a record year for U.S. dairy exporters. Export volume was up 10 percent from the prior year, led by all-time highs in overseas shipments of nonfat dry milk