Oct. 14 2020
As the industry looks ahead to 2021, milk price outlook remains uncertain as factors weigh on markets that could lift or depress milk prices
Sept. 25 2020
Dairy producers can count on only one thing over the next 12 months: volatility. This past spring and summer, market behavior embodied a wide range of emotions from panic lows to euphoric highs
Sept. 9 2020
The world looks dramatically different for South America’s dairy producers today than it did just one year ago
Aug. 26 2020
In early human history, maps used to show the boundaries of the known world. Beyond those boundaries, there would often be the words “Here be dragons” to indicate potential dangers
Aug. 25 2020
it is no secret that U.S. dairy farmers have faced a great deal of milk price volatility in the past couple of decades
Aug. 10 2020
The global health pandemic has created never-before-seen changes to dairy markets. Let’s discuss these developments . . . through the lens of a psychological bias that has been particularly troublesome
July 15 2020
After four-plus years of being in the doldrums, milk prices finally started to pick up in the second half of 2019
June 1 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is a once in a generation event that has wreaked havoc on the dairy market. Prices have collapsed, supply chains are damaged, and milk dumping has tragically become widespread
May 25 2020
Dairy markets have taken a tumble with the restrictions associated with the novel coronavirus. Milk usage has changed due to severe limitations on dining out
May 10 2020
It’s common to calibrate our expectations of an uncertain future around benchmarks in the past
April 25 2020
The dairy growth story is expected to continue. Today, the dairy world is serving over 7 billion consumers
April 10 2020
in 1997, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, now simply known as the CME Group, officially became the marketplace for participants in the dairy industry to manage price risk
March 25 2020
USDA’s March edition of the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report had mixed news for U.S. dairy producers
March 10 2020
Farm gate margins were very good in the fourth quarter . . . will dairy farmers be quick to boost milk production after a multi-year bearish market that did significant damage to their finances?
Feb. 25 2020
China is hungry for dairy products. During 2018, China purchased $10.8 billion in dairy products from around the globe — making dairy China’s second-largest agricultural import behind soybeans
Feb. 10 2020
After 4-1/2 years of milk prices below the cash cost of production for many dairy producers, profit started to return during the second half of 2019
Jan. 25 2020
Much attention has been given to improving milk prices witnessed during the final months of 2019, along with the forecast for sustaining these much welcomed higher dairy prices into 2020
Jan. 10 2020
The U.S. dairy industry has only in recent months pulled out of a prolonged price slump that dates back to 2015
Dec. 12 2019
It’s fall. Soon Christmas and the New Year will be upon us! We again find ourselves enjoying countless gatherings with friends and family
Nov. 8 2019
Most dairy producers will remember the last five years as an extended period of low prices. Consider how the world has changed over this same time span