July 25 2022
Labor shortages seem to span nearly every industry across the country. A combination of two factors – employees of the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement and lower labor participation
Feb. 8 2021
U.S. immigration reform is already gaining attention from the White House and Congress
Nov. 11 2019
“We brought a bill that addresses every single issue that we need to solve,” stated Mike McCloskey, Labor Issues for Dairy chairman for the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF)
Sept. 23 2019
I have worked in agriculture for over 30 years. At the age of 15, I worked loading produce during the harvest season at the Pompano farmers market in South Florida
Dec. 31 2018
This time of year, we all like to embrace family and friends as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year’s holidays. We host parties and celebrations that are warm and welcoming. These things are...
Dec. 3 2018
If the decade of reliance on immigrant employment in agriculture is not completely eclipsed, then it is certainly waning
June 4 2018
The dairy industry does not need more access to foreign workers, as detailed in the May 21, 2018, Hoard’s Dairyman Intel “We have a window for immigration reform.”
May 21 2018
Why are individuals, organizations, and media outlets surprised when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audits of dairy operations find that a significant amount of our foreign-born labor are here...
Aug. 21 2017
For well over a decade, the net flow of unauthorized immigrant labor has diminished
June 26 2017
As the overall economy keeps warming up, the U.S. unemployment rate now has reached a 10- to 11-year low at 4.3 percent in May 2017.
May 1 2017
Huge in dairying, Idaho is tiny on the national political stage. Nevertheless, its four-person delegation in Washington, D.C. — two senators and just two congressmen — is in a great position
March 27 2017
For the past 45 days the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA) orchestrated a petition emphasizing the need for development and implementation of immigration legislation that would address the needs...
Jan. 30 2017
Hispanics spent $6 billion on dairy products in 2016.
Jan. 23 2017
To secure a reliable workforce, agriculture leaders must come together to secure socially responsible immigration reform.
Oct. 24 2016
The 2016 Presidential election put a spotlight on immigration, and from the Republican side, a very negative light. If you are dependent on an immigrant labor force, which many dairy operations
Sept. 12 2016
A new type of immigrant. A decade ago, Latino immigrants, especially those from Mexico, were the most populous ethnicity looking for new opportunities in the United States. According to census data from...
Feb. 22 2016
Business owners, including dairymen, felt the pinch when an estimated 20,000 people converged on Wisconsin's state Capitol last Thursday, February 18 during the "A Day Without Latinos" rally. Attendees...
Nov. 23 2015
Of the 154,418 individuals employed on U.S. dairies, slightly more than half are of immigrant origin, noted David Anderson with Texas A&M. "In the last five years, dairy has become more reliant on an immigrant...
Nov. 16 2015
Talk about unintended consequences, here is one that lawmakers in the nation's biggest dairy state probably never saw coming: The new ability of illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses has made the...
Nov. 17 2014
With a new Congress just elected, this coming year is shaping up as a make or break year on the critical issue of immigration reform. In order to ensure dairy producers' voices are heard on the matter,...