May 13 2024
Now that planting is in full swing for most parts of the country, the next task farmers will be faced with is forage harvesting
May 2 2024
During a recent podcast interview with Professional Dairy Producers (PDP), I was asked what was on my mind as of late
Oct. 15 2023
Dairy farmers are constantly seeking sustainable and cost-effective feed options for their cows. While alfalfa is a popular forage source, at times it can be expensive and limited by its availability
April 18 2023
For many readers, first cut will be just around the corner as you read this article. To say the least, unlocking the energy in your forages to fuel herd performance is a top priority during first cutting...
Feb. 9 2023
Some forage agronomists recommend that at least one cutting of alfalfa should be allowed to progress to the bloom stage. Other agronomists recommend that all harvests be made at late bud
Aug. 10 2022
Forages are the foundation of a strong dairy feeding program, and if utilized correctly, alternative forages can provide flexibility and high-quality feed
Feb. 9 2022
Right now, you are likely experiencing sticker shock from looking at nitrogen fertilizer prices in late 2021 compared to the prior year
Dec. 13 2021
Like any forage, alfalfa production carries its unique challenges from seeding to feeding. Specifically, when discussing the quality necessary to provide good nutrition to high-producing dairy cows
Sept. 27 2021
Many dairy farmers grow corn, alfalfa, or both to feed their herd. While both forage sources have benefits, they also have some limitations
June 18 2020
Alfalfa production in the Upper Midwest the last several years has been incredibly difficult. In the fields, winterkill and wet soils frustrated harvests and left fields in poor condition. Part of two...
Oct. 21 2019
Alfalfa — does this forage qualify as one of the crops that’s eligible for the $14.5 billion in direct payments from the Market Facilitation Program announced earlier this year by USDA’s...
Oct. 18 2019
World Dairy Expo is not only home to one of the most historic dairy shows across the globe, but it also hosts crucial forage seminars throughout the week for producers and attendees to gain inventive knowledge
Aug. 27 2019
This year’s forage production, particularly the alfalfa crop, has been scarred by 2019’s volatile weather
Aug. 12 2019
This year has brought another summer of interesting weather conditions for alfalfa growers
June 3 2019
Pricing standing hay can be a challenge due to multiple cuttings and subsequent harvests throughout the year, along with a lack of a formal commodity market
April 8 2019
Today, the most critical issue for dairy farmers to think about is signing up for the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program
Nov. 15 2018
On occasion, growers ask for advice on forage seed mixtures. When growers are considering new alfalfa seedings, their questions focus on what other legume or grass species to add with alfalfa, and how...
Aug. 10 2018
Wiersma is the alfalfa business manager with DuPont Pioneer. Thomas is retired from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute and president of Oak Point Agronomics Ltd. Soil fertility is an
July 16 2018
The lowdown on
July 16 2018
“It’s a game changer,” shared Ev Thomas of Oak Point Agronomics during the Hoard’s Dairyman webinar, when talking about forage advancements in alfalfa production