Nov. 20 2017
When dairy producers think about mastitis, they likely don’t automatically connect it to reproductive problems, but the two can go hand in hand
Nov. 15 2017
This year's 10th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council Award's competition drew the second largest set of nominations to date from 16 U.S. states, Canada, and Italy
Oct. 25 2017
Determining a cow’s due date is an imprecise science. We can predict the date for most cows within a day or two, but the sex of the calf, season of year, and geographic region all play a role
Oct. 24 2017
Our first LimFlex-sired bull calf arrived last week. It represents the beginning of another herd size management strategy we’re slowly adopting
Oct. 23 2017
Immunity is the next frontier in improving reproduction
Sept. 25 2017
Many changes we make to dairy cows through genetic selection are easy to see or quantify. Our cows are much taller, thinner, and have far better udders than cows from past eras. We’ve also doubled...
Aug. 10 2017
since the early 1970s, we have had a magical drug that has benefited dairy cow breeding programs — prostaglandin F2α (PGF)
July 14 2017
To be successful, or profitable, raising heifers to first calving includes three areas of consideration – nutrition, health, and reproduction
June 19 2017
“There’s a learning curve in adapting our management to the technology,” shared the University of Kentucky’s Joey Clark. He serves as the university’s dairy farm manager
May 8 2017
Since the mid-1990s when ovsynch first came on the scene, reproductive technologies have greatly expanded when it comes to cows getting safe in calf
March 10 2017
Not everyone likes Mondays. I do because it is preg check day at our Kansas State Dairy. It is the culmination of a lot of effort made by everyone on the dairy farm
Feb. 27 2017
Ultimately, the economically optimal pregnancy rate depends on many herd specific factors, but especially the costs associated with making the management changes that result in an increased pregnancy rate
Feb. 10 2017
Often we fail to take time to sit back and contemplate progress . . . to compare where we are with where we were
Jan. 13 2017
“A reproductive update" webinar by Jeff Stevenson, Kansas State University. Should you be tweaking your reproductive program to improve efficiency?
Jan. 3 2017
My kids went back to school today after their Christmas vacation, but our other Christmas break is still going. Our other Christmas break is a six-week break from calving
Dec. 26 2016
“There are no shortcuts,” said Steve Paider with Seidl Mountain View Dairy. “With any breeding and synchronization program you use, timing of protocols is critical and must be followed...
Dec. 19 2016
“I am sure as science and nutritional advances evolve, we will evaluate and incorporate new technologies and strategies,” said Dale Mattoon, a Platinum winner of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction...
Dec. 12 2016
“To ensure we stay on track, we monitor a number of vital reproductive performance metrics,” explained Roger Dunn, who lives in Coudersport, Pa
Dec. 5 2016
“We use PC Dart for our record keeping. We record all calvings, breedings, and drying off,” noted Ed Pfeifer regarding his family’s Bucyrus, Ohio, farm that won Platinum honors
Nov. 28 2016
“Nutrition plays a key role in our reproductive success,” said Brian Brown of SunBurst Dairy near Belleville, Wis