Jan. 2 2017
Some days it's like we speak and learn via a different language as a boomer dad and millennial daughter. Yet, we both have the same goals for our dairy. by Mark and Caitlin Rodgers My daughter, Caitlin,...
Dec. 30 2016
One Michigan dairyman took a unique approach at romance. You know you're a dairy farmer when . . . You propose to your girlfriend using cow manure. It may sound like a joke you would hear from a Jeff Foxworthy...
Dec. 29 2016
College students can't solve their own problems according to psychologists and professors, but farm kids are raised differently. by Maggie Seiler, Special Publications Editor I was 16 or 17 years old,...
Dec. 28 2016
Taking time upfront to bring new employees onboard can save farms time and money in the long run. "You're making an investment when you hire someone," said Trevina Broussard, an associate trainer with...
Dec. 27 2016
A recent interview in The Washington Post with the renowned animal welfare specialist leaves many in dairy circles with unanswered questions. With all due respect to Temple Grandin, and the research she...
Dec. 26 2016
Dairy farming can consume every minute of every day if you let it; don't forget to pursue your off-farm passions, too. A wise person once told me, "Be careful how you build your fortress, as you can create...
Dec. 23 2016
Keep your focus so you don't get pinned or pushed out of the ring. By Patti Hurtgen, Hoard's Dairyman Online Media Manager Wrestling can be a bit like dairy farming. Farmers must be scrappy to stay mobile...
Dec. 22 2016
While all eyes in the dairy industry turn to World Dairy Expo this week, my gaze will be from a distance. This time of year I feel the pull of the 2,010 miles (not that I’m counting or anything)
Dec. 21 2016
There are real benefits for herds that can achieve a 25 percent pregnancy rate. One common goal all dairy producers share is getting cows bred in a timely fashion. What is a realistic target for which...
Dec. 20 2016
As the mom of kids who show dairy cattle, I love helping my kids develop into young showmen. So many important life lessons can be learned in the show ring. But as the mom who does her family’s...
Dec. 19 2016
“Exploring how this year’s forage will feed” was presented by John Goeser of Rock River Laboratory
Dec. 16 2016
We all have those days where nothing seems to go right on the farm, especially during the harsh winter months
Dec. 15 2016
One of the great things about having a daughter and nephew working on the farm is that, for the first time in our adult farming careers, my brother and I can leave the farm at the same time
Dec. 13 2016
For myself, my definition of my tribe is the people in my inner circle. “A distinctive close-knit group” as the dictionary describes it
Dec. 12 2016
Fall lasted particularly long throughout the country this year, but as temperatures drop and snow joins the party, winter seems to have finally arrived
Dec. 9 2016
Recently, I received a dairy product promotion email. The title was “How do nut milks compare to cow’s milk? First of all, stop calling it nut milk! It is nut juice or beverage or drink
Dec. 8 2016
“I want aggressive eaters.” This phrase earned me some questionable looks as I explained to fellow students what I looked for while feeding calves
Dec. 7 2016
Growing up exhibiting Brown Swiss dairy cattle at the World Dairy Expo is by far my favorite childhood memory. The lessons learned, the friendships made, and the memories created in Madison, Wis
Dec. 6 2016
Winter is here in Minnesota and that means I’ve been digging winter clothes out of storage . . . snow pants for the kids and calf coats for the calves. But I left my long underwear in storage
Dec. 5 2016
I received one of my favorite types of texts from my dad this weekend. It was a photo of a pitch black, newly born Holstein heifer out of one of my cows. Just the way I like them!