Oct. 27 2016
As an out-of-state college student, I rarely have the opportunity to travel home. Growing up with a tight-knit family, I spent most of my days working alongside my parents and younger sisters
Oct. 26 2016
Some would say that I have been rocking the boat since childhood. And they’d be correct. At the early age of exactly 3 years 9 months, I was challenging the establishment
Oct. 25 2016
Flip through any dairy publication and you’re sure to find a number of ads promoting products that claim to improve dairy cows’ health and well-being
Oct. 24 2016
With a healthy margin of victory, four members of the Spencer County FFA chapter took home the top prize at the 2016 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. For this national FFA contest
Oct. 21 2016
Every year, the October 25, 2016, issue of Hoard’s Dairyman features highlights from the recently concluded World Dairy Expo
Oct. 20 2016
For the past week, I have been preparing to take a vacation. That means doing all of my regular tasks on the farm, plus making lists for my daughter and my herdsman of things I would like accomplished
Oct. 19 2016
When dairies find themselves with limited space, one option is to locate a new home for calves or heifers. For some farms, this means a rented facility down the road
Oct. 18 2016
Let’s be honest, Mother Nature can be one of a dairy farmer’s worst enemies. The unpredictable power and ability to literally make or break us, gives us a great amount of respect
Oct. 17 2016
High somatic cell counts have traditionally been associated with other problems in the herd, from digestive upset to reproductive inefficiencies and mobility problems. Particularly when discussing the
Oct. 14 2016
The presentation began with an overview of the forage situation. In 2016, there was a summer drought in the west and northeast sections of the U.S. (and Canada)
Oct. 12 2016
Most people live life going to a job five days a week, seeing their immediate family a few hours each night before going to sleep, and seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins maybe once o
Oct. 11 2016
With lights dimmed, spotlights shone on seven exceptional cows as they entered the Coliseum for the presentation of 2016 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion. Each beautiful cow represented the bes
Oct. 9 2016
Hoard's Dairyman Art Director Ryan Ebert captures the sights and sounds of World Dairy Expo on Saturday, October 8, 2016
Oct. 9 2016
Overall Futurity Winners Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET was chosen as the 2016 World Dairy Expo International Futurity Champion. Snapple is a Red & White and is owned by Milk Source Genetics
Oct. 9 2016
It was Christian and Camille that walked away with Supreme Champion of the Junior Show under the spotlights of World Dairy Expo. Silvermaple Windhammer Camille
Oct. 9 2016
The 2016 World Classic sale featured some of the most sought-after genetics in the Holstein breed
Oct. 8 2016
After being tapped as Reserve Supreme Champion in 2015, Musquie Iotola Martha-ET captured the title of Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo 2016
Oct. 8 2016
Grand Champion Holstein, Sheeknoll Durham Arrow Sheeknoll Durham Arrow named Grand Champion of the International Holstein Show. This homebred Aged Cow is owned by the Sheehan Family of Minnesota
Oct. 8 2016
Senior Showmanship Youth exhibitors had to outshow, outlead and outlast their competitors until 11:15 p.m., when the last showmanship final was complete on Thursday evening. Three rings filled the Coliseum...
Oct. 8 2016
Pheasant Echos Turvy-Red was the winning 5-year-old, Senior Champion, Grand Champion and Best Bred and Owned of the Red & White Show