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DairyLivestream September 1, 2020: Farm finances and future plans with Mark Stephenson, Chris Wolf, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream August 19, 2020: Can dairy do better in schools? with Yvonne Greer (Owner, Y-EAT Right), Tammy Anderson-Wise (Dairy Council of California), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream August 5, 2020: We're accounting for every nickel during COVID-19 with Gordie Jones (Central Sands Dairy LLC), John Mueller (Willow Bend Farm), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream July 22, 2020: Dairy traders talk trade with Kevin Ellis (CEO, Cayuga Milk Ingredients), Ted Jacoby III (CEO, T.C. Jacoby and Company), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream July 9, 2020: Dairy remains a powerhouse with Anne-Marie Roerink (President, 210 Analytics), Mike Brown (Dairy Supply Chain Director, The Kroger Co.), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream June 24, 2020: Is the milk price rebound real? with Mark Stephenson, Chris Wolf, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream June 10, 2020: Navigating the pandemic economy with guests Rob Johansson (Chief Economist, USDA), Steven Kyle (Economist, Cornell University), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream May 27, 2020: Candid comments from the nation's capital with guests Jim Mulhern (CEO, National Milk Producers Federation), Michael Dykes (CEO, International Dairy Foods Association), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream May 20, 2020: The dairy farm finance pivot with guests Sam Miller (Managing Director of Agricultural Banking, BMO Harris Bank), Roger Murray (Executive Vice President, Farm Credit East), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream May 13, 2020: Where are dairy exports headed? with guests Tom Vilsack (CEO, U.S. Dairy Export Council), Butch Speth (Director, Dairy Market News), Mark Stephenson, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream May 6, 2020: Co-ops, customers, and COVID-19 with guests Jay Bryant (CEO, Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers), Keith Murfield (CEO, United Dairymen of Arizona), Mark Stephenson, and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream April 29, 2020: Tapping the brakes on milk flow with guests Mike Hutjens (University of Illinois), Jason Karszes (Cornell University), Mark Stephenson, and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream April 22, 2020: Demand reconstruction with guests John Talbot (CEO, California Milk Advisory Board), Chad Vincent (CEO, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin), Mark Stephenson, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream April 15, 2020: Making sense of the markets with guests Mark Stephenson (University of Wisconsin), Andy Novakovic (Cornell University), and Chris Wolf (Cornell University)

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