The author is an associate editor and covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment, and nutrient management. She grew up on a dairy farm near Plymouth, Wis., and previously served as a University of Wisconsin agricultural extension agent. She received a master’s degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Jan. 11 2016
In some livestock species, multiple births are preferred, but that certainly is not the case in dairy cattle. "Nobody likes to have twins. Twins are an incredible problem," said Paul Fricke, a dairy cattle...
Jan. 4 2016
Yes, it's true. The menu at McDonald's has the potential to get a little cheesier. If it receives positive customer feedback in a trial market, mac and cheese may become the next dairy-centered addition...
Jan. 4 2016
One Wisconsin city rings in the New Year by dropping a big piece of cheese. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an . . . 80-pound Styrofoam cheese wedge . . . falling from the sky . . . at midnight? Yes, it...
Dec. 28 2015
Federal safety net programs are designed to protect farmers, who actively share in the risk of a farming operation, against unanticipated changes in the marketplace. Farmers who receive such payments are...
Dec. 21 2015
When is field runoff risk the highest, particularly in more northern climates? "March is the month," says Amber Radatz, co-director of the University of Wisconsin Discovery Farms. She explained that March...
Dec. 15 2015
Make a ride in the cattle trailer safer for your young bovine passengers by following these AABP guidelines.There are times we need to get our livestock from Point A to Point B, and that process often...
Dec. 8 2015
The employment rate in rural America is slowly recovering after the recession. Many of us working in agriculture, myself included, grew up in the country. I think most "country kids" would agree that small...
Dec. 7 2015
Select the cream of next year's corn crop. As one corn harvest season comes to a close, plans are already underway for the next growing season. Many critical agronomic conversations happen around the kitchen...
Dec. 1 2015
A warming box can save young calves born during the frigid cold. There's definitely a chill in the air, and for those of us in Northern climates, that chill is not going away any time soon. Falling temperatures...
Nov. 30 2015
Move over, bacon. Cheese wants to share the spotlight. The widespread popularity and almost cult-like following of bacon makes it an easy choice for sprucing up common menu items at any restaurant, from...
Nov. 24 2015
Action can be taken to reduce feed losses during the TMR mixing process. Now you see it . . . and now you don't. Just like that, feed that was once available for your herd can be lost due to mold, pests,...
Nov. 23 2015
When it comes to dry period length, are we aiming for the right target? "Most people will say ‘I dry my cows up 50 days before calving.' But how do you know when she will calve?" Jose Santos from...
Nov. 18 2015
Introducing heifers to the milking barn or parlor before calving may be the ticket to reducing stress. When a dairy heifer has its first calf, its world changes dramatically. A first-lactation heifer is...
Nov. 17 2015
When we throw away food, we are tossing more than just nutrients into the trash. No doubt, water is a valuable resource. We use it every single day in a multitude of ways. When water supplies get tight,...
Nov. 16 2015
Brightly colored leaves hanging from the trees are one of Mother Nature's finest beauties and a sure sign that autumn is here. The fallen leaves can be a challenge for communities to clean up, but one...
Nov. 9 2015
Dairymen invest in heifers today in hopes that they become productive members of the herd in the future. Rearing costs vary from farm to farm, and the only way to truly measure that investment is to crunch...
Nov. 4 2015
One Wisconsin county is looking to take advantage of new manure treatment technology to turn manure into usable water. Manure may be animal waste, but a complete waste it is not. The nutrients in manure...
Nov. 2 2015
For the fourth year in a row, the nation's agricultural cooperatives posted records for both income and revenue. Net income rose 16.5 percent, to $6.5 billion, in 2014
Oct. 27 2015
Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) training is one way for cattleman to show consumers how much they care about animals and the food they produce. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to become Beef Quality...
Oct. 26 2015
Many farmers let out a frustrated sigh when restaurant chain Subway announced last week that it, too, would be making the switch to meat from animals raised without antibiotics